PeasyScan, PeasyGlue

Forum member rcrsn51, as well as being very helpful with debugging printing and networking problems, has also developed a range of very useful applications, all named "Peasy*".

I have updated PeasyScan to version 2.5, and added peasyscan_pdf_plugin 1.1 PET. Forum thread:

A newcomer is PeasyGlue, for joining PNG or JPEG image files together, horizontally or vertically:

I have always used InkscapeLite, which allows free-format arrangements of raster and vector images and export as a PNG file. It can import any image formats.

However, PeasyGlue is a new and simple GUI interface, for when you just want to stick some images together.

The PETS are uploaded to (48K, 29K, 6K):

Posted on 24 Jul 2013, 23:03


Posted on 26 Jul 2013, 8:54 by don570
Periodic Paint

Gimp can do the same as PeasyGlue