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SHA1 Hash:36a75da77e4a8a39c20e5f94e873aa7575712339
Date: 2012-05-26 04:08:19
User: BarryK
Comment:glibc template: fixed /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache

Tags And Properties

Changes to woof-code/packages-templates/glibc/FIXUPHACK

@@ -36,5 +36,11 @@
 #   sync
 #   rm -rf ../glibc_DEV/usr/$GLIBCPATH
 #  fi
 # fi
+#/usr/lib/gconv has a cutdown set of files, need to use correct cache file...
+mv -f usr/lib/gconv-cut/gconv-modules usr/lib/gconv/
+mv -f usr/lib/gconv-cut/gconv-modules.cache usr/lib/gconv/
+rm -rf usr/lib/gconv-cut

Changes to woof-code/packages-templates/glibc/usr/lib/gconv-cut/gconv-modules

@@ -1,1 +1,312 @@
+alias	ISO646-GB//		BS_4730//
+module	BS_4730//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		BS_4730//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-CA//		CSA_Z243.4-1985-1//
+module	CSA_Z243.4-1985-1//	INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		CSA_Z243.4-1985-1//	ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-CA2//		CSA_Z243.4-1985-2//
+module	CSA_Z243.4-1985-2//	INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		CSA_Z243.4-1985-2//	ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-DE//		DIN_66003//
+module	DIN_66003//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		DIN_66003//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-DK//		DS_2089//
+module	DS_2089//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		DS_2089//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-ES//		ES//
+module	ES//			INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		ES//			ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-ES2//		ES2//
+module	ES2//			INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		ES2//			ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-CN//		GB_1988-80//
+module	GB_1988-80//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		GB_1988-80//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-IT//		IT//
+module	IT//			INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		IT//			ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-JP//		JIS_C6220-1969-RO//
+module	JIS_C6220-1969-RO//	INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		JIS_C6220-1969-RO//	ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-JP-OCR-B//	JIS_C6229-1984-B//
+module	JIS_C6229-1984-B//	INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		JIS_C6229-1984-B//	ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-YU//		JUS_I.B1.002//
+module	JUS_I.B1.002//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		JUS_I.B1.002//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-KR//		KSC5636//
+module	KSC5636//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		KSC5636//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-HU//		MSZ_7795.3//
+module	MSZ_7795.3//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		MSZ_7795.3//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-CU//		NC_NC00-10//
+module	NC_NC00-10//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		NC_NC00-10//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-FR//		NF_Z_62-010//
+module	NF_Z_62-010//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		NF_Z_62-010//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-FR1//		NF_Z_62-010_1973//
+module	NF_Z_62-010_1973//	INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		NF_Z_62-010_1973//	ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-NO//		NS_4551-1//
+module	NS_4551-1//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		NS_4551-1//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-NO2//		NS_4551-2//
+module	NS_4551-2//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		NS_4551-2//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-PT//		PT//
+module	PT//			INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		PT//			ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-PT2//		PT2//
+module	PT2//			INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		PT2//			ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-FI//		SEN_850200_B//
+alias	ISO646-SE//		SEN_850200_B//
+module	SEN_850200_B//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		SEN_850200_B//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO646-SE2//		SEN_850200_C//
+module	SEN_850200_C//		INTERNAL		ISO646		2
+module	INTERNAL		SEN_850200_C//		ISO646		2
+alias	ISO-IR-100//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	ISO_8859-1:1987//	ISO-8859-1//
+alias	ISO_8859-1//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	ISO8859-1//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	ISO88591//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	LATIN1//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	L1//			ISO-8859-1//
+alias	IBM819//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	CP819//			ISO-8859-1//
+alias	CSISOLATIN1//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	8859_1//		ISO-8859-1//
+alias	OSF00010001//		ISO-8859-1//
+module	ISO-8859-1//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-1	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-1//		ISO8859-1	1
+alias	ISO-IR-101//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	ISO_8859-2:1987//	ISO-8859-2//
+alias	ISO_8859-2//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	ISO8859-2//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	ISO88592//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	LATIN2//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	L2//			ISO-8859-2//
+alias	CSISOLATIN2//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	8859_2//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	OSF00010002//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	IBM912//		ISO-8859-2//
+alias	CP912//			ISO-8859-2//
+module	ISO-8859-2//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-2	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-2//		ISO8859-2	1
+alias	ISO-IR-109//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	ISO_8859-3:1988//	ISO-8859-3//
+alias	ISO_8859-3//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	ISO8859-3//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	ISO88593//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	LATIN3//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	L3//			ISO-8859-3//
+alias	CSISOLATIN3//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	8859_3//		ISO-8859-3//
+alias	OSF00010003//		ISO-8859-3//
+module	ISO-8859-3//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-3	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-3//		ISO8859-3	1
+alias	ISO-IR-110//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	ISO_8859-4:1988//	ISO-8859-4//
+alias	ISO_8859-4//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	ISO8859-4//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	ISO88594//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	LATIN4//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	L4//			ISO-8859-4//
+alias	CSISOLATIN4//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	8859_4//		ISO-8859-4//
+alias	OSF00010004//		ISO-8859-4//
+module	ISO-8859-4//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-4	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-4//		ISO8859-4	1
+alias	ISO-IR-144//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	ISO_8859-5:1988//	ISO-8859-5//
+alias	ISO_8859-5//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	ISO8859-5//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	ISO88595//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	CYRILLIC//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	8859_5//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	OSF00010005//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	IBM915//		ISO-8859-5//
+alias	CP915//			ISO-8859-5//
+module	ISO-8859-5//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-5	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-5//		ISO8859-5	1
+alias	ISO-IR-127//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ISO_8859-6:1987//	ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ISO_8859-6//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ISO8859-6//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ISO88596//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ECMA-114//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ASMO-708//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	ARABIC//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	CSISOLATINARABIC//	ISO-8859-6//
+alias	8859_6//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	OSF00010006//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	IBM1089//		ISO-8859-6//
+alias	CP1089//		ISO-8859-6//
+module	ISO-8859-6//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-6	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-6//		ISO8859-6	1
+alias	ISO-IR-126//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ISO_8859-7:2003//	ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ISO_8859-7:1987//	ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ISO_8859-7//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ISO8859-7//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ISO88597//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ELOT_928//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	ECMA-118//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	GREEK//			ISO-8859-7//
+alias	GREEK8//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	CSISOLATINGREEK//	ISO-8859-7//
+alias	8859_7//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	OSF00010007//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	IBM813//		ISO-8859-7//
+alias	CP813//			ISO-8859-7//
+module	ISO-8859-7//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-7	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-7//		ISO8859-7	1
+alias	ISO-IR-138//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	ISO_8859-8:1988//	ISO-8859-8//
+alias	ISO_8859-8//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	ISO8859-8//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	ISO88598//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	HEBREW//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	CSISOLATINHEBREW//	ISO-8859-8//
+alias	8859_8//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	OSF00010008//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	IBM916//		ISO-8859-8//
+alias	CP916//			ISO-8859-8//
+module	ISO-8859-8//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-8	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-8//		ISO8859-8	1
+alias	ISO-IR-148//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	ISO_8859-9:1989//	ISO-8859-9//
+alias	ISO_8859-9//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	ISO8859-9//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	ISO88599//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	LATIN5//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	L5//			ISO-8859-9//
+alias	CSISOLATIN5//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	8859_9//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	OSF00010009//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	IBM920//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	CP920//			ISO-8859-9//
+alias	TS-5881//		ISO-8859-9//
+alias	ECMA-128//		ISO-8859-9//
+module	ISO-8859-9//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-9	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-9//		ISO8859-9	1
+alias	ISO-IR-157//		ISO-8859-10//
+alias	ISO_8859-10:1992//	ISO-8859-10//
+alias	ISO_8859-10//		ISO-8859-10//
+alias	ISO8859-10//		ISO-8859-10//
+alias	ISO885910//		ISO-8859-10//
+alias	LATIN6//		ISO-8859-10//
+alias	L6//			ISO-8859-10//
+alias	CSISOLATIN6//		ISO-8859-10//
+alias	OSF0001000A//		ISO-8859-10//
+module	ISO-8859-10//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-10	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-10//		ISO8859-10	1
+alias	ISO8859-11//		ISO-8859-11//
+alias	ISO885911//		ISO-8859-11//
+module	ISO-8859-11//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-11	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-11//		ISO8859-11	1
+alias	ISO8859-13//		ISO-8859-13//
+alias	ISO885913//		ISO-8859-13//
+alias	ISO-IR-179//		ISO-8859-13//
+alias	LATIN7//		ISO-8859-13//
+alias	L7//			ISO-8859-13//
+alias	BALTIC//		ISO-8859-13//
+module	ISO-8859-13//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-13	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-13//		ISO8859-13	1
+alias	ISO8859-14//		ISO-8859-14//
+alias	ISO885914//		ISO-8859-14//
+alias	ISO-IR-199//		ISO-8859-14//
+alias	LATIN8//		ISO-8859-14//
+alias	L8//			ISO-8859-14//
+alias	ISO_8859-14:1998//	ISO-8859-14//
+alias	ISO_8859-14//		ISO-8859-14//
+alias	ISO-CELTIC//		ISO-8859-14//
+module	ISO-8859-14//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-14	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-14//		ISO8859-14	1
+alias	ISO8859-15//		ISO-8859-15//
+alias	ISO885915//		ISO-8859-15//
+alias	ISO-IR-203//		ISO-8859-15//
+alias	ISO_8859-15//		ISO-8859-15//
+alias	LATIN-9//		ISO-8859-15//
+alias	LATIN9//		ISO-8859-15//
+alias	ISO_8859-15:1998//	ISO-8859-15//
+module	ISO-8859-15//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-15	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-15//		ISO8859-15	1
+alias	ISO8859-16//		ISO-8859-16//
+alias	ISO885916//		ISO-8859-16//
+alias	ISO-IR-226//		ISO-8859-16//
+alias	LATIN10//		ISO-8859-16//
+alias	L10//			ISO-8859-16//
+alias	ISO_8859-16:2001//	ISO-8859-16//
+alias	ISO_8859-16//		ISO-8859-16//
+module	ISO-8859-16//		INTERNAL		ISO8859-16	1
+module	INTERNAL		ISO-8859-16//		ISO8859-16	1
+alias	KOI8//			KOI-8//
+module	KOI-8//			INTERNAL		KOI-8		1
+module	INTERNAL		KOI-8//			KOI-8		1
+alias	CSKOI8R//		KOI8-R//
+alias	KOI8R//			KOI8-R//
+module	KOI8-R//		INTERNAL		KOI8-R		1
+module	INTERNAL		KOI8-R//		KOI8-R		1
+alias	ISO-IR-19//		LATIN-GREEK//
+alias	ISO-IR-27//		LATIN-GREEK-1//
+alias	CP850//			IBM850//
+alias	850//			IBM850//
+alias	OSF10020352//		IBM850//
+module	IBM850//		INTERNAL		IBM850		1
+module	INTERNAL		IBM850//		IBM850		1
+alias	MSCP949//		UHC//
+alias	CP949//			UHC//
+alias	OSF100203B5//		UHC//
+module	UHC//			INTERNAL		UHC		1
+module	INTERNAL		UHC//			UHC		1
+alias	MS-CYRL//		CP1251//
+alias	WINDOWS-1251//		CP1251//
+module	CP1251//		INTERNAL		CP1251		1
+module	INTERNAL		CP1251//		CP1251		1
+alias	MS-ANSI//		CP1252//
+alias	WINDOWS-1252//		CP1252//
+module	CP1252//		INTERNAL		CP1252		1
+module	INTERNAL		CP1252//		CP1252		1
+alias	WINBALTRIM//		CP1257//
+alias	WINDOWS-1257//		CP1257//
+module	CP1257//		INTERNAL		CP1257		1
+module	INTERNAL		CP1257//		CP1257		1
+alias	KOI8U//			KOI8-U//
+module	KOI8-U//		INTERNAL		KOI8-U		1
+module	INTERNAL		KOI8-U//		KOI8-U		1
+alias	UTF16//			UTF-16//
+module	UTF-16//		INTERNAL		UTF-16		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-16//		UTF-16		1
+module	UTF-16LE//		INTERNAL		UTF-16		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-16LE//		UTF-16		1
+module	UTF-16BE//		INTERNAL		UTF-16		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-16BE//		UTF-16		1
+alias	UTF32//			UTF-32//
+module	UTF-32//		INTERNAL		UTF-32		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-32//		UTF-32		1
+module	UTF-32LE//		INTERNAL		UTF-32		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-32LE//		UTF-32		1
+module	UTF-32BE//		INTERNAL		UTF-32		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-32BE//		UTF-32		1
+alias	UTF7//			UTF-7//
+module	UTF-7//			INTERNAL		UTF-7		1
+module	INTERNAL		UTF-7//			UTF-7		1
+module	KOI8-T//		INTERNAL		KOI8-T		1
+module	INTERNAL		KOI8-T//		KOI8-T		1

Changes to woof-code/packages-templates/glibc/usr/lib/gconv-cut/gconv-modules.cache

cannot compute difference between binary files

Changes to woof-code/packages-templates/glibc/usr/lib/gconv-cut/gconvcut

@@ -1,1 +1,20 @@
+#BK may 2012
+#this is how i cutdown the original gconv-modules file.
+#note: it is also necessary to create a gconv-modules.cache file, and this is done by executing
+# 'iconvconfig', which reads /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules and creates /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules.cache
+#also see FIXUPHACK.
+SOPTNS1="`find /usr/lib/gconv -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type f -name '*.so' | rev | cut -f 1 -d '/' | rev | sed -e 's%\.so$%%'`"
+echo "$SOPTNS1" > /tmp/soptns
+SOPTNS2="`echo "$SOPTNS1" | sed -e 's%ISO88%ISO-88%' -e 's%UTF1%UTF-1%' -e 's%UTF7%UTF-7%' -e 's%UTF3%UTF-3%'`"
+echo "$SOPTNS2" | sort -u >> /tmp/soptns
+grep -w -f /tmp/soptns /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules
+#...writes to stdout.