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SHA1 Hash:59d06b8ae33bc3bfe7eef40a48ab12d4f9caa6af
Date: 2012-12-05 09:38:33
User: BarryK
Comment:fixed bug in xdg Filesystem category, menu entries missing

Tags And Properties

Changes to woof-code/3builddistro

@@ -144,10 +144,11 @@
 #121105 fix enabled-repo list for ppm.
 #121111 debdb2pupdb, new fast deb to pup db converter, called by 0setup.
 #121123 changed default locale from en_US to en_US.UTF-8.
 #121123 some chroot operations may leave something inside sandbox3/rootfs-complete/tmp, delete.
 #121123 new variable DISTRO_ARCHDIR in /etc/DISTRO_SPECS
+#121203 /usr/sbin/welcome1stboot needs this lib: /usr/lib/ (symlink was only in devx).
 #v431 accepts passed params, from woof_gui_tabs:
 #100912 add $7=CHK_SIMPLE_FILENAMES
@@ -2588,11 +2589,26 @@
  [ -e rootfs-complete/usr/bin/python2.5 ] && ln -s python2.5 rootfs-complete/usr/bin/python 2>/dev/null
  [ -e rootfs-complete/usr/bin/python2.6 ] && ln -s python2.6 rootfs-complete/usr/bin/python 2>/dev/null
  [ -e rootfs-complete/usr/bin/python2.7 ] && ln -s python2.7 rootfs-complete/usr/bin/python 2>/dev/null
+#121203 bacon hug gui apps need some .so libs, for example,
+#(refer /usr/sbin/welcome1stboot.bac), however these are only in the devx.
+#so need to create them...
+#note, i think this problem only in wary/racy, as gtk template creates these symlinks.
+if [ ! -e rootfs-complete/usr/lib/ ];then
+ FNDGTKLIB="$(find rootfs-complete/usr/lib/ -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -name '[0-9]' | head -n 1 | rev | cut -f 1 -d '/' | rev)"
+ [ "$FNDGTKLIB" ] && ln -s $FNDGTKLIB rootfs-complete/usr/lib/ #2> /dev/null
+#i'll do the same for ...
+if [ ! -e rootfs-complete/usr/lib/ ];then
+ FNDGDKLIB="$(find rootfs-complete/usr/lib/ -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -name '[0-9]' | head -n 1 | rev | cut -f 1 -d '/' | rev)"
+ [ "$FNDGTKLIB" ] && ln -s $FNDGTKLIB rootfs-complete/usr/lib/ #2> /dev/null
 rm -rf rootfs-complete/tmp/* #121123 some above chroot operations may have left something behind in here.
 #build the rootfs-complete sfs...
 echo "Now building the main f.s., ${PUPPYSFS}..."

Changes to woof-code/rootfs-skeleton/etc/xdg/menus/hierarchy

@@ -36,15 +36,15 @@
 Utility    :development    X-Utility-development,Development,Building,Debugger,IDE,Profiling,ProjectManagement,RevisionControl,Translation,GUIDesigner #anjuta bacon lxrad
 Utility    :package        X-Utility-package,Archiving,Compression             #pbackup pmirror xarchiver
 Utility    :shell          X-Utility-shell,TerminalEmulator,Shell              #cutecom minicom picocom rxvt
 Utility    :help           X-Utility-help,Documentation                        #linux-faqs linux-howtos man-pages
-Filesystem :Sub            X-FileSystem,FileSystem,FileTools                   #
-Filesystem :filemanager    X-FileSystem-filemanager,FileManager                #gfnrename gwhere mc nautilus rox_filer
-Filesystem :mount          X-FileSystem-mount,X-FilesystemMount                #pdrive
-Filesystem :find           X-FileSystem-find,X-FilesystemFind                  #pfind zfind
-Filesystem :storage        X-FileSystem-storage,X-FilesystemUtility            #gdmap
+Filesystem :Sub            X-Filesystem,FileSystem,FileTools                   #
+Filesystem :filemanager    X-Filesystem-filemanager,FileManager                #gfnrename gwhere mc nautilus rox_filer
+Filesystem :mount          X-Filesystem-mount,X-FilesystemMount                #pdrive
+Filesystem :find           X-Filesystem-find,X-FilesystemFind                  #pfind zfind
+Filesystem :storage        X-Filesystem-storage,X-FilesystemUtility            #gdmap
 Graphic    :Sub            X-Graphic,2DGraphics,3DGraphics                     #
 Graphic    :paint          X-Graphic-paint,RasterGraphics                      #mtpaint xpaint
 Graphic    :draw           X-Graphic-draw,VectorGraphics                       #inkscape inkscapelite inkview varicad xfig
 Graphic    :flow           X-Graphic-flow,Chart,FlowChart,Presentation         #dia

Changes to woof-code/rootfs-skeleton/etc/xdg/menus/

@@ -20,48 +20,48 @@
-      <Category>X-FileSystem</Category>
+      <Category>X-Filesystem</Category>
-      <Category>X-FileSystem-filemanager</Category>
+      <Category>X-Filesystem-filemanager</Category>
-      <Category>X-FileSystem-mount</Category>
+      <Category>X-Filesystem-mount</Category>
-      <Category>X-FileSystem-find</Category>
+      <Category>X-Filesystem-find</Category>
-      <Category>X-FileSystem-storage</Category>
+      <Category>X-Filesystem-storage</Category>

Changes to woof-code/rootfs-skeleton/usr/sbin/filemnt

@@ -13,10 +13,11 @@
 #120220 npierce: improved test and message for already mounted file, also prevent mkdir if file not found, and fix adding pwd prefix
 #120220 npierce: add slash to pwd prefix; exit on failed stat. refer:
 #120323 replace 'xmessage' with 'pupmessage'.
 #120525 take into account shinobar's sfs load-on-the-fly pet.
 #121105 added a translation.
+#121203 remove directory if mount goes wrong. thanks MHHP:
 export TEXTDOMAIN=filemnt
@@ -191,10 +192,12 @@
   if [ $Err -eq 0 ] ;then
    rox -d "$MntPt" # mount good, run rox filer
 #   yaf-splash -timeout 6 -font "8x16" -outline 0 -margin 4 -bg green -text "SUCCESS! Click $imgFileBASE icon again to unmount it" & #BK
 #   /usr/X11R7/bin/yaf-splash -timeout 6 -font "8x16" -outline 0 -margin 4 -bg green -text "SUCCESS! Click $imgFileBASE icon again to unmount it" & #BK
    yaf-splash -timeout 6 -bg green -text "`eval_gettext \"SUCCESS! Click \\\$imgFileBASE icon again to unmount it\"`" & #BK
+  else
+   rmdir "$MntPt" #121203
  else							### file's mounted, unmount it
   rox -D "$MntPt" #BK
   sync #111112

Changes to woof-distro/x86/Packages-puppy-wary5-official

@@ -301,11 +301,11 @@
 gdbm_DOC-1.8.3-w5c|gdbm_DOC|1.8.3-w5c||BuildingBlock|68K||||The GNU database manager|puppy|wary5||
 gdk-pixbuf-2.22.1-w5c|gdk-pixbuf|2.22.1-w5c||BuildingBlock|388K|||+gtk+|libs to display images|puppy|wary5||
 gdk-pixbuf_DEV-2.22.1-w5c|gdk-pixbuf_DEV|2.22.1-w5c||BuildingBlock|204K|||+gdk-pixbuf|libs to display images|puppy|wary5||
 gdk-pixbuf_DOC-2.22.1-w5c|gdk-pixbuf_DOC|2.22.1-w5c||BuildingBlock|760K||||add widescreen resolutions to video bios, intel video chips only|puppy|wary5||
 gdk-pixbuf_NLS-2.22.1-w5c|gdk-pixbuf_NLS|2.22.1-w5c||BuildingBlock|3080K|||+gdk-pixbuf|libs to display images|puppy|wary5||
-geany-0.19.1-2-w5|geany|0.19.1-2-w5||Document|2132K|||+gtk+|Geany text editor|puppy|wary5||
+geany-0.19.1-3-w5|geany|0.19.1-3-w5||Document|2132K|||+gtk+|Geany text editor|puppy|wary5||
 gecko-mediaplayer-1.0.3-w5|gecko-mediaplayer|1.0.3-w5||Internet|560K|||+gnome-mplayer,+dbus|media player web-browser plugin, designed to work with Gnome-mplayer|puppy|wary5||
 gecko-mediaplayer_DOC-1.0.3-w5|gecko-mediaplayer_DOC|1.0.3-w5||Internet|76K||||media player web-browser plugin||||
 gecko-mediaplayer_NLS-1.0.3-w5|gecko-mediaplayer_NLS|1.0.3-w5||Internet|136K|||+gecko-mediaplayer|media player web-browser plugin||||
 geeqie-1.0alpha3-i486|geeqie|1.0alpha3-i486||Graphic|972K|||+gtk+|Geeqie Image Viewer|puppy|||
 gegl-0.1.2-w5|gegl|0.1.2-w5||BuildingBlock|1456K|||+babl|library needed by gimp|puppy|wary5||

Changes to woof-distro/x86/pet-based/wary/DISTRO_SPECS

@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
 #One or more words that identify this distribution:
 DISTRO_NAME='Wary Puppy'
 #version number of this distribution:
 #The distro whose binary packages were used to build this distribution:
 #Prefix for some filenames: exs: warysave.2fs, wary-
 #The version of the distro whose binary packages were used to build this distro: