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SHA1 Hash:8473af633dbcabf67abe51df5d159244623438f3
Date: 2012-07-24 00:37:33
User: BarryK
Comment:alsaconf does not work on the arm boards, leave it out of alsa wizard

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Changes to woof-code/3builddistro

@@ -128,10 +128,11 @@
 #120709 fix for pci.ids and usb.ids in "wrong" place. new BOOT_UDEVDCHILDREN.
 #120714 revert 120708. instead, BOOT_BOARD (= raspi, mele, odroidx, etc.) read by quicksetup.
 #120720 raspbian wheezy has files in /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf and /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf
 #120721 support ubuntu and debian arm multiarch.
+#120724 'alsaconf' does not work on arm boards, BOOT_DISABLEALSACONF variable. refer /usr/sbin/alsawizard.
 #v431 accepts passed params, from woof_gui_tabs:
 #100912 add $7=CHK_SIMPLE_FILENAMES
@@ -2469,10 +2470,11 @@
  echo "BOOT_SCHEDULER='deadline'" >> rootfs-complete/etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #my kernel defaults to 'cfq', change to 'deadline'. refer:
  #echo "BOOT_QUICKSETUP='quickarm'" >> rootfs-complete/etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #120708 leaves out X config frame. 120714 removed.
  echo "BOOT_UDEVDCHILDREN='1'" >> rootfs-complete/etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #120709 is this a good idea? append --children-max=1 to udevd in rc.sysinit.
  echo "BOOT_BOARD='${BOOT_BOARD}'" >> rootfs-complete/etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #120714 read by quicksetup.
  echo "BOOT_DISABLEXORGWIZARD='yes'" >> rootfs-complete/etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #120723 read in xwin, also xorgwizard. also see below.
+ echo "BOOT_DISABLEALSACONF='yes'" >> rootfs-complete/etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #120724 'alsaconf' does not work on arm boards.
 #120723 code moved down, add BOOT_DISABLEXORGWIZARD test...
 #110413 variable DISTRO_XORG_AUTO in /etc/DISTRO_SPECS, see also /usr/bin/xwin

Changes to woof-code/rootfs-skeleton/usr/sbin/alsawizard

@@ -1,13 +1,16 @@
 #Lesser GPL licence v2 (/usr/share/doc/legal/lgpl-2.1.txt). 2007
 #120201 internationalized.
 #120226 01micko: test screensize and set SCROLLABLE variable.
 #120706 change gtkdialog3 to gtkdialog4.
+#120724 alsaconf does not work on arm boards. refer 3builddistro.
 export TEXTDOMAIN=alsawizard
+. /etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED #120724
 #if [ "`/etc/rc.d/rc.alsa status | grep "not loaded"`" = "" ];then
 # Xdialog --title "ALSA sound Wizard" --yesno "ALSA sound modules are currently loaded and active.\n
 #If you answer Yes here, modules will be unloaded,\nand the Wizard will continue.\nAnswer No, Wizard will exit..." 0 0
 # [ ! $? -eq 0 ] && exit
@@ -34,16 +37,29 @@
 #   <frame THREE: Reboot>
 #    <text><label>It is unusual, but presuming that you have booted Puppy for the first time, sometimes you have to shutdown (and create a session save-file) and reboot for sound to work. Various peripherals, especially modems, may have conflicting kernel sound driver requirements, which might not get sorted out until the second boot. If you played with the mixer settings but your sound is still not working, it is recommended that you still do not run the ALSA Wizard, instead choose to reboot (see menu). Recommend click 'EXIT' button below.</label></text>
 #   </frame>
- export ASKDIALOG="
+#120724 alsaconf does not work on arm boards. refer 3builddistro.
+if [ "$BOOT_DISABLEALSACONF" = "yes" ];then #see /etc/rc.d/BOOTCONSTRAINED
+ AC1_XML=""
+ AC2_XML=""
+ AC1_XML="<text><label>`gettext \"FOUR: After trying ONE, TWO, THREE above, sound still not working, click 'ALSA Wizard' button:\"`</label></text>"
+ AC2_XML="
+     <button>
+       <label>$(gettext 'ALSA Wizard')</label>
+       <action type=\"exit\">RUNALSA</action>
+     </button>"
+export ASKDIALOG="
 <window title=\"$(gettext 'Sound Wizard')\" window_position=\"1\">
    <text use-markup=\"true\"><label>\"<big>$(gettext 'Welcome to the Sound Wizard')</big>\"</label></text>
-   <text><label>$(gettext 'Presumably you are here because your sound does not work? If so, there are things that you should try before running the full ALSA Wizard')</label></text>
+   <text><label>$(gettext 'Presumably you are here because sound does not work? If so, here are steps to follow, to hopefully fix sound...')</label></text>
    <frame $(gettext 'ONE: Adjust levels')>
      <text><label>$(gettext 'Often non-working sound is just a matter of unmuting (tick a checkbox) and/or bring up a level in the audio mixer. Click this button to run the mixer:')</label></text>
      <vbox><button><input file>${AUDIOICON}</input><action>/usr/local/bin/defaultaudiomixer & </action></button></vbox>
@@ -66,33 +82,26 @@
      <text><label>`gettext \"Linux may have detected more than one audio interface or 'card', and has set the wrong one as default. Run Kirk's Multiple Sound Card Wizard to investigate this (note, a reboot is required for change to take effect):\"`</label></text>
      <vbox><button><input file>${AUDIOICON}</input><action>/usr/bin/Multiple-Sound-Card-Wizard & </action></button></vbox>
-   <text><label>`gettext \"FOUR: After trying ONE, TWO, THREE above, sound still not working, click 'ALSA Wizard' button:\"`</label></text>
+   ${AC1_XML}
-     <button>
-       <label>$(gettext 'ALSA Wizard')</label>
-       <action type=\"exit\">RUNALSA</action>
-     </button>
+     ${AC2_XML}
        <label>$(gettext 'EXIT')</label>
        <action type=\"exit\">EXIT</action>
- RETVAL="`gtkdialog4 --program=ASKDIALOG 2>/dev/null`"
- eval "$RETVAL"
- [ "$EXIT" != "RUNALSA" ] && exit
-#exec rxvt -e /usr/sbin/alsaconf
-#rxvt -e /usr/sbin/alsaconf
+RETVAL="`gtkdialog4 --program=ASKDIALOG 2>/dev/null`"
+eval "$RETVAL"
+[ "$EXIT" != "RUNALSA" ] && exit
 #/usr/sbin/alsaconf #101015
 rxvt -geometry 60x3 -bg orange -e /usr/sbin/alsaconf

Changes to woof-code/rootfs-skeleton/usr/sbin/partview

@@ -1,9 +1,10 @@
 #Barry Kauler 2012
 #GPL v3 (/usr/share/doc/legal)
 #120202 internationalized. add udf f.s.
+#120723 reduce mmcblk0p1 to mm0p1.
 export TEXTDOMAIN=partview
 yaf-splash -bg orange -fg black -close never -fontsize large -text "$(gettext 'Please wait, probing drives...')" &
@@ -115,15 +116,17 @@
      y=\"${YBOX}\" />
 " >> /tmp/partview_display_svg
+ zATAG="`echo -n "$ATAG" | sed -e 's%mmcblk%mm%'`" #120723 reduce mmcblk0p1 to mm0p1
  echo  "<text
      style=\"fill:black;stroke:none;font-family:Nimbus Mono L;font-style:normal;font-weight:bold;font-size:26;fill-opacity:1;stroke-opacity:1;stroke-width:3pt;stroke-linejoin:miter;stroke-linecap:butt;text-anchor:start;writing-mode:lr;\"
-     y=\"$(($YBOX + 23))\">${ATAG}
+     y=\"$(($YBOX + 23))\">${zATAG}
      style=\"fill:black;stroke:none;font-family:Nimbus Mono L;font-style:normal;font-weight:bold;font-size:26;fill-opacity:1;stroke-opacity:1;stroke-width:3pt;stroke-linejoin:miter;stroke-linecap:butt;text-anchor:start;writing-mode:lr;\"
      x=\"$(($XLEFT2 + 12))\"

Changes to woof-distro/arm/Packages-puppy-armv6-official

@@ -99,12 +99,12 @@
 jasper-1.900.1-armv6|jasper|1.900.1-armv6||BuildingBlock|304K||||JPEG2000 Part1 standard i.e. ISOIEC 154441 implementation, needed by ayttm|puppy|||
 jasper_DEV-1.900.1-armv6|jasper_DEV|1.900.1-armv6||BuildingBlock|196K|||+jasper|jpeg2000 library and utilities|puppy|||
 jasper_DOC-1.900.1-armv6|jasper_DOC|1.900.1-armv6||BuildingBlock|32K||||jpeg2000 library and utilities||||
 jimtcl-20120426-armv6|jimtcl|20120426-armv6||BuildingBlock|280K||||tiny tcl interpreter, used by usb_modeswitch|puppy|||
 jimtcl_DOC-20120426-armv6|jimtcl_DOC|20120426-armv6||BuildingBlock|348K||||tiny tcl interpreter||||
-jwm2-574-armv6|jwm2|574-armv6||Desktop|224K||||joes window manager and tray|puppy|||
-jwm2_DOC-574-armv6|jwm2_DOC|574-armv6||Desktop|52K||||joes window manager||||
+jwm2-579-sap6|jwm2|579-sap6||Desktop|224K||||joes window manager and tray|debian|squeeze||
+jwm2_DOC-579-sap6|jwm2_DOC|579-sap6||Desktop|52K||||joes window manager and tray||||
 kbd-1.15.3-sap6|kbd|1.15.3-sap6||BuildingBlock|3336K||||console keyboard layout and screen fonts, this is the full package|debian|squeeze||
 kbd_DOC-1.15.3-sap6|kbd_DOC|1.15.3-sap6||BuildingBlock|156K||||console keyboard layout and screen fonts||||
 kbd_NLS-1.15.3-sap6|kbd_NLS|1.15.3-sap6||BuildingBlock|800K|||+kbd|console keyboard layout and screen fonts||||
 leafpad-|leafpad|||Document|128K|||+gtk+|A GTK+ based simple text editor|puppy|||
 leafpad_NLS-|leafpad_NLS|||Document|592K|||+leafpad|simple text editor||||