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February 2, 2002

Hey Barry!
Your EVE are getting better and better, great!

February 4, 2002

Dear Barry,
Very interested to read about your product. Tried to display your sample SVG (I'm currently running Windows NT4.0sp3, Netscape4.71, Adobe plugin3.0). Graphic doesn't display. I think this is because you have set the mime type to svg-xml. I think this is wrong, it should be svg+xml (see the SVG developers newsgroup on Yahoo).
Probably won't make official use of your product (too few points in polylines/polygons, no Unicode, no Unix!) or at home (no Mac!), but best wishes for the product.

[NOTE: I didn't have any problem with svg-xml in my web pages, but you're right it should be svg+xml, so I've corrected it. Sorry, can't do EVE on Unix or Mac unless you run a Windows emulator (which I've never tried), and I'm never going to support Unicode because it's too inefficient, but polygons/polylines have jumped from a maximum of 14 to max. of 42 points in version 2.10]

February 7, 2002

Hello Barry,
I discovered EVE several months ago, and have found it quite useful, and possibly more important, a great relief to find someone who designs software properly. It is wonderful to find useful software that can simply stand alone and does not get into the morass of DLLs, Registry entries, etc.!!! I've recently updated my copy of Eve to 1.84, and found it to be much more stable.

[technical usage details deleted]

Jim Plunkett

February 27, 2002

Good Day!
I must say, I've been very impressed with EVE, it's been meeting my needs quite nicely. I use it primarily to develop Windows Word Art. The .emf export tool is quite useful!
Far be it for me to complain about Free software, I am also a developer, (VBA primarily) so I know what goes into an application... :) but there are several limitations I'm sure you're planning on working out sometime in the future.
For example, I would like to see a simple toolbox added, nothing fancy, just a line function, and an add point function. It would also be helpful if a line who's points close were to automatically become a polygon. (perhaps an option to convert to a polygon?) The toolbox would ideally contain a simple color-palette.
Also, it's nice that there aren't scroll bars, but I find it difficult to navigate when i'm zoomed into a particular area. Perhaps when holding down both left and right mouse buttons at the same time, the user is able to move the surface and re-position?
A rotate utility would be nice, as well as support for the standard hot keys, (CTRL + C, V, X) for cut, copy, and paste. Also, It would be great if the point identifiers didn't adopt the objects line preferences. In addition the ability to move the entire object by grabbing any portion would be nice.
Yes, yes, quite a list. Can't satisfy anyone eh? :)
Well, I hope all's well in Australia, It's on my list of places to visit!
Thanks again for the great app, it's been one of my favorite freeware utilities.
Warmest Regards,
Kelly Krehbiel

[NOTE: v2.21 has rotation]

March 16, 2002

Hi Barry

[payment method question deleted]

Great program BTW, and great enhancements lately. I've used WMF (vector) files for ages, and welcomed their inclusion into EVE. I still use the "old" CGM format, largely because the old editor I use is so good, but only saves as WPG or CGM. I guess they're too obscure now to consider handling them in EVE, but it can't hurt to suggest this item off my wishlist I guess. ;-)
Looking forward to parting with my "fee"
Alan Miller

March 30, 2002

Dear Barry,
Superb programme. As Einstein said ...things should be as simple as possible and no simpler......this is great There ought to be some sort of Oscars for prgrammimg quality! I am sure you would receive one! 
Reminds me of programmes on the Atari platform, in the sense that it is very small but very powerful.
Keep up the good work 
yours sincerely
Mike Bennett

April/May, 2002

Lots of short comments from people...

I don't know how you did it. In 54k, too. It reminds me very much of Smalltalk -- Squeak which I tried recently. But 54k...! Anon, April 4.

I downloaded Eve, read the manual, and started playing with it.  It is really impressive.  I am still in the learning curve but have learned that the the page grid is really useful. Robert E. Styma, May 8.

Thank  you! It's a great piece of software. Luigi M Bianchi, May 10.

The program is amazing and very useful too! Philip, May 30.

 June-Aug, 2002

Just a couple of snippets...

EVE is fantastic!
If I may tell you why I think it's great...
1. It's free!
2. There is no installation; there are no changes made to my computer!
3. It takes up next to no room!
4. It's very easy to learn! Ari Berdy, Aug. 8.
I am not a highly sophisticated user, but not a total dunce
either.  After going through quite a few other programs (and 15 gazillion
meg downloads on my 56k modem) that just didn’t do the job, it was a
relief to find yours. Henri Carnal, July 5.

Sept.-Dec., 2002

More snippets...

Congratulations on your Embedded Vector Editor (EVE). It is more than just a graphic editor; it is a demonstration of the difference between an intelligent and knowledgeable programming effort to produce lean, fast and effective software, versus a lazy concatenation of dll libraries to produce bloatware that frequently threaten the system Registry integrity.
Enrique Indacochea, Sept. 7.

I can say that Eve is very cool, and I have never seen such a small program to do so much things.
Adrian Tarog, 30 Nov 2002

After a thorough search of the web for any program that I could use to produce finite state diagrams - just the diagram - and finding less than nothing - bulky programs such as Smartdraw which were dumb (vectors were not sticky ) after almost giving up hope, I found Eve.
Bob Arnold, Dec. 16.

Thanks for EVE, I draw all the diagrams used in my thesis in it. Before, I tried Paint shop pro and even Illustrator, but for drawing simple charts and diagrams they are too complicated and slow (especially illustrator).
Mike Cadil, Dec. 17

Jan., 2003

I'm very pleased to receive feedback from people who have tried other products before discovering EVE!
More snippets...

First, thanks for such a fantastic program. You should really put a high price on this thing. I plan on getting the web version anyways, as I am a site developer, as soon as I get good at using the free version. Before, I was using Dia v.9?. I've deleted that and replaced it with Eve! Believe it or not I found this earlier today at www.winarchives.com as v.93 and used it half a day before finding this site and getting the v.3.02. What an improvement! Glad to see you still working on it. I'm estatic! At the moment I use it to diagram web site layouts.
Clint, 3 Jan 2003

I just downloaded EVE...it's just amazing!
Michele Ancis, 7 Jan 2003

Barry, You are amazing!
I got your updated version of evewe with the [bug] fix for svg and it works on both winNT and win98! I don't know how you did it so fast, but I really appreciate it. I am going to experiment with using eve for presentations of annotated source code to my C++ class and my ASM class. I first discovered eve when looking for an ASM program to motivate students. (Actually, I discovered your ASM for Windows book and was trying to find more about it, and found eve by accident.) The small size is a real eye-opener for people used to monolithic software. I ask my class: "Is assembly language dead?"; then show them your website and blow their minds! Thanks very much,
Dave Topham, 15 Jan 2003

Okay, you get the idea from reading the above... EVE is great!

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