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Answer to questions by Barry Kauler

re: bugs
Sun Jul 14 17:44:01 2002

lets see if we cant answer some of your questions

First of all, the GUI for menuet is different than windows, so some stuff may seem strange

Answer to question about sound not working:

Bug 2
is your SB-emulation hardware or software based, if it is software then you are stuck. If it is hardware, open SETUP, verify the settings, and hit the APPLY buttons beside those settings
Sound DOES work playing some kinds of WAV files, but the file list is complied into the sound player, and the defaults are on the harddrive
if you want to play wav files from a set-up FAT32 partition here is where you would put them
they MUST all be PCM WAV files, or you will get a bunch of loud static

Answer to question about CD player not working:

bug 3
the Cd-player is similar to the windows CD-player, first set it up, hit apply, open the cd-player (be sure to have a music cd in that drive), and hit play. the music should play throught headphones attached directly to the 3 1/4mm plugin to the drive.

Answer to question about the shell prompt not working. Gave "File not found" when typed "ls", "ps" etc.:

bug 4
mash acts wierd, the builtin commands are lower-case and the externel commands are upper case
here is a full command listing for mash (case sensitive)
:cls - clears screen
:exit - close mash
:KILL pid - kill process with specified id
:LS - list rd dirs/files (-s for short listing (default), -l for long listing)
:PS - process list
:quit - close mash
:VER - version info
:shutdown - quit menuet

i know its wierd, and i had that same problem

anything unclear, or other questions, e-mail me or post a responce


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