EVE User Feedback archive 2001

June 29, 2001

Hi Barry,
had a bash at Eve 0.93.
Really this is an impressive project, I especially like the unlimited drawing interface, very interesting.
I had some weird problems on Win2000 clicking the sound icon at the base of the demo file.
Basically the sound repeated the default windows beep and even closing eve did not kill the process, i.e. it was still in the task manager.
Trying to kill the now rogue process with the task manager hung the task manager.
It seems like a combination of Windows lack of stability in killing certain processes and perhaps the beta nature of your product.
Anyway I thought you might like the feedback.
Tony Nykiel

Eve looks really nice. I'm running it on a Gateway machine 850mhz P3, 384mb ram, ATI Rage video (32mb). Minor screen problems.
I have some suggestions for making it more useful/better/the-way-I'd-like-it-to-be. :)
1) Functions to align objects relative to each other, and on the screen.
For screen/coord alignment I recommend bars that can be dragged from the
left/right/top/bottom of the screen. (Yes, someone could just create a
line and move it around, but that modifies the document. I'm thinking
along the same lines as handles for objects.)
2) Functions to resize objects relative to others.
(Tallest, shortest, longest, widest, etc)
Kudos on the program. I'm glad to see that there are still some people
who know how to write non-bloatware.

[NOTE: v2.00 has most of this -- alignment, proportional resizing, stretching, snap-to]

July 2, 2001

Dear Barry
Your program is great but does not support Arabic fonts.Not that commercial programs do. There are a lot of very expensive programs that do not support foreign fonts.
Amazing!!!! Well done , very well done for the size.

July 12, 2001

Hello Barry Kauler,

Your Eve program is one of the all time greatest programs for Windows.

Sort of a hobby of mine is to search out and collect 32 bit Windows programs that are small, useful, and avoid/evade the Registry. In other words, programs that might all be kept on one diskette -- a "Swiss Army Knife Diskette."

I never expected to find a tiny yet powerful drawing program.

Also, an embedded EVE drawing may even be used as an interface to launch the other programs on the disk! When you add the ability to embed text files, Eve will be even more useful.

But Eve is also great for daily brainstorming and planning.

Attached is a drawing I created to work up plans for an idea I had in my head -- something I wanted to build. It's nothing complicated, but I found EVE very helpful, and also fast and easy to use. I own several of the "best" (e.g. biggest, most expensive, most complicated, most bloated :-) imaging and drawing programs, yet find they are often a nusiance to fire up and use.


July 20, 2001

Hi Barry,

I found the reference to EVE on the Lockergnome site and I thought I'd take a peek. I find Lockergnome a source of things that are of little importance in the mainstream but nonetheless are often very interesting. Occasionally, one finds a gem or two there and I reckon this is one them.

Essentially, I don't draw anything much on a PC, and technical drawing at school and university was a necessary evil for me. Being in electronics I have to understand circuit diagrams etc., so when I freehand a circuit it's essentially illegible, even to me. To quote an old teacher of mine: "Wilson! That looks like Chinese hieroglyphics done by the wanderings of a demented spider". Yep, it was illegible. When I have to draw something on the computer I'll use Corel Draw, AutoSketch or some other exotic package just to draw a tiny block diagram to drop into a MS Word document I'm writing. It's total overkill, and that's understating it.

Well, using EVE I've just scribbled up a little diagram and pasted it into a Word document, it took perhaps a minute or so. If I were using Corel I'd still be looking for the disks, for it's too big the leave hanging around on my hard disk when it only gets used every now and then.

How you've managed to squeeze it in into that tiny size I find quite amazing, it's the sort of sizes I'm used to seeing from code written in assembler and that's a rarity today.

Good luck to you. I hope it gets you places.
Grahame Wilson

July 23, 2001

Hi Barry,

Nice work this EVE program! My compliments. How did you make it so small, assembler or an exe compressor (or both?)

[technical suggestions deleted]

Please keep up this great (or should I say small?) work!

André Banen

July 30, 2001

Wow, great prog.

It would be nice if you could have an "export to SVG" option. An "undo" option would also be nice.

I will tell you if I see anything else.


[NOTE: version 1.54 Web Edition has export to SVG, v2.20 has partial undo (backspace key)]

July 31, 2001

I thought - it is a joke, but it really works! For its 40K it is amazing. Receive my congratulations!

It is a pity, it doesn't work with Cyrillic fonts (MS 1251 encoding).

Best regards!

[NOTE: version 1.08 onwards supports international fonts]

August 4, 2001

Hi! Your MyEve is excellent! But can you set support for Central Europe fonts?

---Petr Pejchal

[NOTE: version 1.08 onwards supports international fonts]

August 15, 2001

Hi there,

I understand your reasons for having only 3 types of fonts to choose from. This, however, renders EVE kind of useless to anyone who want to use it with non western-European fonts.
In other words it is impossible to use EVE in other languages as the fonts don't show up correctly.
Is there a way to fix this? Maybe with a patch of some sort ?

This is a great program and it is a shame that I can't use it as it doesn't support other fonts.


[NOTE: version 1.08 onwards supports international fonts]

August 26, 2001

Hola Barry:

First, sorry for my english. I don't go to praise you because I'm sure that you know the program is great, I have drawing all the night. Now, I ask myself in what it spends the megs the Freehand, Photoshop... really all the programs! Probably is a conspiracy of IBM, Intel and the US governement to use our computers to send messages to extraterrestrial civilizations :)

Suggestions: An "undo" option would be a great innovation, as well as the possibility of using the + and - keys to zoom in and zoom out.

A greeting from Spain.

[NOTE: v2.20 has partial undo (backspace key)]

August 29, 2001


Just a note to say thankyou for making this fascinating Vector Drawing program available, for free.
I have never seen anything quite like it, and so efficiently written/compiled. I am not a programmer and not much good at drawing, but am impressed with what such a tiny program can do.

David Rankin and family.

September 11, 2001

Dear Barry

Congratulations on your program!

If I can make a suggestion, a grid to attach points to( a "snap to grid" feature) would be very nice.
A way to get a mirror image of an object (left/right or top/bottom) would come next.

Once more, it's a nice piece of work!

Joao Ventura

[NOTE:  Version 1.40 introduced "snap to grid" v2.18 added horizontal and vertical flipping]

October 30, 2001

Hi Barry,

I discovered Eve one evening as I was browsing TinyApps.org, and I must say Eve is a wonderful and very tiny app!

I'd been wishing for a vector drawing app for some time, and am delighted with Eve. The entities and commands are of such a scope that the whole manual can be read, tried, and digested in one sitting, a big plus!

I wonder if you have considered adding any keyboard shortcuts to the menu items? For example, cntl-R for Rectangle, cntl-L for label, cntl-S for Selection Rectangle, cntl-M for Move, etc.

Best wishes as your summer approaches (and my winter bears down on me!)

Jim in Minneapolis Minnesota USA

November 20, 2001

Dear Barry,

Sorry for my delay in following up. It has been really hectic with business engagements in the recent days, and work comes first as usual. I have really good news. I have downloaded the V1.23, cleaned up all the mess I did with preceding tests and checked last version. Now Everything I tried it works under Win98 AND Win200Professional (V.5.0.2195 Build 2195). Image import and exe export/opening (I did forget to put one copy of eve.exe under /Windows!) is working well and fast as the program promises.

I'd like you to know that has been a pleasure and a privilege to cross my path with a person like you. Your determination in resolving this bug is not a common thing in this environment. But, most of all, I am really impressed by the approach to sw you have in your works; it is really swimming against the current, going back to take care of resources utilization when running a piece of software.

I have been really upset to see how the dominant SW-houses did not care about it...It is a clear willing to force all of us to buy more and more HW to make running applications who grow up more and more avid of mass memory, RAM and speed. I am one of the few nostalgic of DOS applications and I still believe you should be able to have a formatted document with few Kilo instead of one Mega of memory gone.

But your approach is the one I have been lookin forward to seeing for years. I can only imagine what could happen in the office area (documents, spreadsheets, presentations and so forth), if only your approach should be applied! It is something beyond everybody imagination! It will be hard for you to keep your independence and hold on, here.

I will always support this strong challenge. Keep up the good work, and keep me informed about new developments.

Best Regards
Your Friend Carlo

November 27, 2001

Hi Barry

wow - a tool that works like I do! The funny part is that I have been working with a guy in Germany www.outer-court.com on a program called QML - Quest Markup Language - basically play testing. Scripting interactive fiction is not linear and I desperately felt the need for a zoomable note keeper/charter. Many emails back and forth over the last month about what would work best.

Yesterday I received Harold Heim Plug In newsletter http://www.GraphicsNews.com and EVE was mentioned - and wonderful it is. So thanks.

Question: Could Eve elements be linked to other Eve files that could open in pop up windows? That way a heirarchy of information could be established within the flat file of Eve. My immediate need to chart contacts and information visually on a map of Tasmania and it would be nice to click on a town and have extra information displayed in the neat compact Eve format. I was going to script it in a multimedia package but Eve would be just more convienient.

cheers and thanks again

Mike marinos

[NOTE: Version 2.95 can open other EVE datafiles, via the "link activator"]