EVE versions archive


Release date



June 24, 2001

First version to be released on web.


June 25, 2001

Implemented the sound-icon. Small bug fix.


July 1, 2001

Fixed a problem with importing another diagram -- any imported bitmaps where not displaying. Fixed a problem with arrowhead scaling on the end of lines.


July 3, 2001

Previously only supported importing of GIF bitmap files -- have now added JPG and BMP. Incredible, but version 0.95 is smaller than 0.94!



Fixed an annoying flicker when scrolling the diagram. This was because I previously wiped the entire window then redrew the diagram. Fixed a problem with duplicating and moving composite-objects -- previously was able to duplicate or move parts of a composite-object, however they should be always a single entity. Fixed a problem with duplicating icons.


July 11, 2001

A lot of work went into this one. Have implemented library object management. Now you can create and also import library objects, that appear in the Elements menu. Refer to the User Manual for details.


July 19, 2001

When zoom in from default (normal zoom factor), the capture-zone for handles on wires, polylines and polygons gets smaller, thus allowing finer and smaller adjustments. Previous versions did not do this for labels, ellipses and rectangles -- now fixed.
I forgot that Windows allows folder and file names to have space characters -- fixed that. 
Finetuned drawing of sticky lines -- ends without arrowheads weren't looking quite right. 


July 30, 2001

The "About" box has a button, clicking on which brings up the web browser and the myeve.org web site -- previously it only worked for Internet Explorer. Now works for whatever is your default browser.
Some people reported "Error 999" when starting EVE. This happened because  EVE was unable to communicate with the printer. Now, you will get an error report only when you try to print, not at startup.
I've made a lot of little improvements to the user interface. Previously, if you selected an element, then dragged a handle, you had to select the element again to drag the handle again -- now, the element stays highlighted until you click somewhere else. When a wire was highlighted, could not drag the middle handle -- now all handles can be dragged individually. 
A bug fix -- when an ellipse was dragged to zero width or height, it caused a divide-by-zero error (crash). 


Aug 9, 2001

If elements are attached in a manner as to form a loop, EVE crashed with a stack overflow. Now check for that condition.
When an element is highlighted or dragged, a grey line is drawn to its owner (if it has one). In some cases this was drawing incorrectly. Fixed.
Sometimes a line attached to a polygon/polyline would jump to the first vertice. Fixed. 


Aug 28, 2001

Have added support for international languages. EVE does not support unicode and there are no plans to do so. The Windows 8-bit character can have different "character sets" for each major language. The dialog boxes for labels and icons have been modified to select a character set, and "EVE preferences" dialog box has a drop-down listbox for selecting a default character set, that will be applied to all new labels and icons.
Let me know if there is anything wrong with this or whatever. 
Have added selection of any font, apart from the original Arial, Times New Roman and Courier New. 


Aug. 29, 2001

Icon dialog box now displays total number of pictures in library.
An "Apply now" button added to "EVE preferences" dialog box, to apply new character set to existing labels and icons. 


Oct. 15, 2001

I added a checkbox in "EVE preferences" dialog box to disable some mouse functionality -- to turn an open EVE diagram into partial view-only, non-editable. This feature is for embedding into Multimedia Builder.
The User Manual describes the exciting possibilities for embedding ("binding" is the correct word in MMB terminology) EVE into Multimedia Builder (MMB). 



Increased the maximum number of vertices of a polygon/polyline from 9 to 14.
I added checkboxes to EVE preferences dialog box, to hide handles and highlighting. This improves the view-only mode when binded inside Multimedia Builder. 


Oct. 25, 2001

I have added a submenu "Control/Bind interface" to enable MMB to send commands and data to a binded EVE diagram.
If an element is highlighted, then user clicks left mouse button elsewhere, element redraws as normal, and previously sometimes over-painted another element that it is supposed to be underneath of (elements are supposed to be painted in order of increasing element #s). Fixed, except this temporary "cosmetic" problem can still occur for zoom factors greater than +1 (normal zoom = 0, +1 = zoomed-out once).



Oops! V1.11 increased # vertices in a polygon/polyline, and also introduced a bug -- dragging a composite object which has a polygon in it, some vertices got left behind. My apologies. Fixed.


Nov. 4, 2001

When the diagram is scrolled, if zoom-factor is less than 0 (zoomed in), previously had some screen flicker. Fixed.
A major improvement for printing. Now have precise control over the size, adjustable in 0.1% steps, and precise placement on the paper -- see the "Control/EVE preferences..." dialog box, "Printer options". 



When a composite-object is added to the "Elements" menu, it now consistently appears at the bottom of the menu. Also now have buttons "Move to start of menu" and "Move to end of menu" to manage the order of items in the "Elements" menu.
In "My computer/Control panel/Display/Appearance" properties box, different window and text colors and sizes can be chosen -- some choices could cause EVE to display the open filespec (path and filename) and the mouse X/Y coordinates in an inappropriate location on the window. Now fixed, so these always display in the menu-bar (to the right of the menu items).
Ditto, some changes to window appearance (such as frame thickness) could mess up scrolling by mouse. Fixed. 


Nov. 12, 2001

Label element now has an edit box to set a custom width for displayed text. There is automatic wordwrap to fit the custom width.
The custom width is displayed in the label properties box (dialog box), but you can also highlight the label and drag a handle to visually resize the width.


Nov.19, 2001

Some users reported occasional crashing. I have tracked it down to a pointer getting invalidated "sometimes" when the EVE database is resized.
One bug that sometimes occurred due to this resizing problem was bitmap files getting corrupted when imported, or a complete crash. EVE v1.23 has an extra integrity check, that verifies the imported graphic is identical to the original file (you'll get error #116 if the check fails). I've fixed the problem, but decided to leave the checking code in there, so you have that extra level of confidence that the imported bitmap files are stored in the database correctly down to the last bit.
Some people had reported a bug with embedded files. A datafile can be saved as embedded, via "File/Export as EMBEDDED...", and it will be an executable with EVE and the datafile in the same file, having filename of extension ".eve.exe". Anyway, EVE crashed when the executable was double-clicked on. Fixed.



Jorgen Carlsen is developing a library of electrical symbols, and I'm working with him to improve EVE's handling of a large symbols library.
One problem Jorgen found with the database is that it grows. When elements are deleted, the database doesn't shrink, and sometimes new elements won't fill the "holes" in the database, but will add-on at the end. So, I've now added automatic compaction every time a datafile is saved. One of Jorgen's files was 704K, which after saving in v1.24 became 88K. 
I have added a button in the Toolbox so that a composite-object can be placed into the Elements menu, replacing an existing entry. Previously there was only a button for appending an object at the bottom of the menu. This new "Replace" button makes it easy to edit an existing menu entry -- place it on diagram, edit it, place it back in menu.


Nov. 25, 2001

All elements have a "Send to back" checkbox, which looked for an empty record in the database closest to the start of the database to move the element to (hence it got painted sooner). Now, I shift the entire database by one record, to make a space at the beginning, so "send to back" is now truly what it says. This also applies to "Send to start of menu" in the object-library management in the Toolbox.



Have implemented the hour-glass cursor when EVE is busy. Previously, EVE was so fast that I never bothered, however with very large datafiles, opening and saving can take more than the blink of an eye.
A bug crept in a few versions ago. "File/Import diagram..." will import a diagram onto the current one, with the incoming elements all highlighted, so they can be moved, via "Control/Move selected elements" (to avoid overlap). The bug was that they wouldn't move. Fixed. 


Nov.28, 2001

I have added an "Exact" checkbox to the ellipse and rectangle properties boxes. This can nudge the painting of ellipse and rectangle width by up to 1 diagram-unit, in case of any slight misalignment with other elements. This is a subtle enhancement, that is mostly useful for getting composite-objects to look perfect.
This has been a long time coming, but I've finally implemented "File/New".
I've increased the number of elements that can be highlighted from 512 to 4096. This is handy when duplicating or moving big chunks of diagram. 
And there's more -- now you can have different background colors -- see "Control/EVE preferences..." dialog box.


Dec.3, 2001

I've added a "Page grid" element to the "Elements" menu. This is a first attempt at an alignment grid, with vertical and horizontal rulers. This grid will match the paper at normal zoom-factor. I plan to add a properties box so that it can be configured in various ways.


Dec.4, 2001

I've added a properties box (dialog box) to the grid element. So far, it only has radio buttons for selecting inches or centimetres. More coming.
Thanks to Carol Morgan for discovering a bug. She found that saving a small file of less than 10 elements, then opening it, caused an error #207. This has made me rush out a fix. Version 1.24 introduced automatic data compaction on save, which hiccuped on very small datafiles.


Dec.10, 2001

If you highlight the grid element before printing, it automatically aligns with the paper margins. This means you can zoom-out, move the grid around as desired and see exactly what is going to appear on the page -- no need to align top/left corner of window as before.
Pen styles could previously be solid, invisible, dashes, or dots. Now I've added dash-dot and dash-dot-dot lines. Note that a limitation of MS Windows is that broken lines can only display (and print) 1-pixel thick.



Jorgen Carlson has been very keen for me to implement this, so here it is -- if you want to create a lot of custom symbols in the Elements menu, it would be nice if they could be organised into categories, with popup submenus for each category. Surprising amount of coding required for this, which is why the big version-number jump. See the new Toolbox.



Fixed a problem in which some elements didn't print. This related to them being way outside the window but still within the page margins.
Fixed a problem in which some elements didn't display. This related to EVE thinking they are outside the window but some part of them actually fall within the window.
Printout was not quite the right size. The page grid shows horizontal and vertical rulers, however the inch or centimetre divisions were not exactly right when printed. I discovered a rounding-off error in some calculations. Fixed. 


Dec.17, 2001

"Control/EVE preferences..." has an ability to fine-tune the print size, in 1% increments, however the print size and placement did not exactly match the grey margins as drawn on the screen. Fixed.
Now page grids have individual "finetune" size boxes, in 1% increments. I did considerable work on getting the grid on-screen to match up exactly with what prints on paper, re alignment and size. The grid is a real nice way to print, as you now have fine control over print size and placement on the page.



For your convenience, the "File" menu now remembers the last file that you had open and displays it in the menu for easy selection. An "eve.ini" file is created to hold this information.
The "Control/EVE preferences..." dialog box now has a checkbox to save current settings to the "eve.ini" file. This means that these settings are automatically applied to new diagrams.



Now have a "snap to grid" action when place new elements/library symbols, or drag existing elements. "Control/EVE preferences..." has a dragging coarseness setting, of 1, 2, or 4 diagram units. This is handy for rapid placement of library symbols.
Note that this coarseness does not apply to sticky wires, as they have their own "snap to" action. 



A subtle refinement -- when you create a symbol on the diagram from the Elements menu library, and snapping coarseness is turned on, it is the "boss" element that is constrained to snap to the coarseness granularity, specifically its top/left coordinates.
A user-interface issue -- when pasting a composite-object symbol onto the diagram from the  Elements menu, there was an annoying screen flicker while moving the object around prior to depositing it -- fixed.


Dec. 23, 2001

I have added a checkbox to the page grid element dialog box, so that division lines can be hidden.
I examined how EVE redraws elements when an element is being dragged, and made a small improvement to reduce wipeout when the element is dragged over the edge of another. This is a cosmetic improvement.
Guys, have a great Christmas and new year!



Now you can scale the display of bitmaps. The icon dialog box has a scale factor edit box, in % units. This doesn't affect the bitmap picture stored in the database, only the display on-screen.



Man oh man, the pace of development is incredible! I've just added a "stretch" feature to composite-objects. When an ellipse or rectangle is a "boss" of a composite-object, the right and bottom handles can be used to shrink or stretch any part of the composite-object.



Further work on the stretching of composite-objects. Now stretching and shrinking of bitmap icons that are part of the composite-object is handled correctly.



I have greatly eased manipulation of individual elements when they are close together, such as the case of a composite-object. If left-click on a composite-object, the boss element will highlight. Then, press the TAB key to sequentially highlight all elements with the same root owner (locked or not). A highlighted element can have its position or size modified or properties box brought up.



A subtle improvement -- when an element is highlighted, previously it could not be dragged. Now it can, and the behaviour is that it will always drag alone, without affecting any children. This enhancement is particularly useful in conjunction with the new feature of v1.46.



I've added checkboxes to the label properties box for selection of text alignment. Previously, alignment was calculated automatically, but now you can force left or right text alignment.


Jan. 1, 2002

You'll find something new in the Elements menu. EVE was very much in need of a bezier type of polyline, that can draw arbitrary curves, etc. It doesn't have sticky ends. It's pretty simple to use.


Jan. 6, 2002

There was a little bug that has been around since the beginning of EVE. When dragging the end of a sticky wire around the edge of an icon or rectangle, in certain circumstances it would not drag onto the bottom or top, only the sides. Fixed.
I also made an improvement when dragging a sticky wire-end on a polygon/polyline. The wire-end sticks to a vertice, and previously could not drag it to another vertice unless you unstuck it first. Now, can drag it from one vertice to the next, and you'll see it snap across. 




Standard EVE

Web Edition



I've added a bullet to arrow types allowed on ends of sticky wires.

This is incredible stuff -- I've implemented export to SVG, and have done most of the shapes so far.




Can now export text labels to SVG, including right-alignment, wordwrap and rotation.



Animation! By attaching an "animation" element to any element or composite-object, it can be animated (that is, move on its own).




The mouse can now be dragged to highlight any section of diagram, without having to go up to "Control/Selection rectangle".





Animation exports to SVG.



Implemented the WWW icon.

WWW, sound and text-file icons now export to SVG.



Fixed a bug with "send to back" -- this was insidious -- sometimes, other changes made in the dialog box of the element being sent back, actually got applied to the next element# down.

Fixed a few problems with SVG generation.




Dashed lines export to SVG.



Elements around an animation now correctly redraw when the animation moves under or over them.

Correct export of bold and italic properties of text. Testing and refinement of code.


Jan. 23,

Fixed a bug with drag-coarseness. Tested everything.

Tested everything.



Ah, this is nice -- the lock checkbox in elements can now be used to disable further editing. A simple solution to a few problems, such as using composite-objects from library and being able to turn-off editing of them. See User Manual.



Jan. 27, 2002

Very elegant enhancements to turning off editing -- see "eveintro.eve" tutorial.

Now have options for rendering quality, in "SVG configuration" box.



Have added an "About..." box introducing the Web Edition as well as normal EVE.

Rotated text had a problem with character spacing -- fixed. Implemented text color.


Feb. 3, 2002

Ellipse, rectangle and icon elements now have a "Selectable only on boundary" checkbox.




There was a problem with bitmap scaling. Fixed.



Feb. 5, 2002


Now have animation of composite-objects.


Feb. 10, 2002


Fixed a slight vertical misalignment between text in EVE and in SVG.



Previously, when Lock checkbox of an icon ticked, dbl-clk was disabled -- now works.



Feb. 13, 2002

Jim Plunkett discovered a little bug. He had a label attached to a sticky straight line. When he attempted to move the line, the label moved off on its own adventure. Fixed.
I refined the right-side resize handle for labels, to improve word-break matching between display in EVE and in SVG. 



Feb. 15, 2002

Several months ago, Andre Banen suggested that the element number of the currently-highlighted element should display at the top of the window -- ok, Andre, it's done!




Standard EVE

EVE Web Edition


I've improved the drawing of sticky lines. Previously, straight lines looked a bit funny at the ends, at certain angles, when no arrowhead. Segmented lines had 1-pixel gaps in the line at bend-points, now fixed.


Wow, EVE's capabilities continue to expand, challenging expensive commercial editors. Now, you can highlight any elements and enlarge or shrink them. Even entire diagrams can be enlarged or shrunk. See new menu entry "Control/Resize selected elements".


There was a little error in the calculation of boundary rectangle around highlighted elements. This affected both resizing (see v1.93) and output to SVG. Fixed.


When resizing a group of elements, some debris was left on the screen. I've improved the cleanup, though it's still not perfect. This is a temporary cosmetic issue only.


Fixed a bug with dragging polygon/line. When drag vertice #4 or #5 on top of another element, on release of mouse button, vertices #10 and #1 moved unexpectedly and the polygon/line became owned by the element. This was incorrect -- a polygon/line should have no automatic "sticky" behaviour.


Standard EVE

EVE Web Edition


A major new feature with this release. A new entry in the menu: "Control/Align-stretch selected elements". This provides a powerful generic mechanism for stretching and aligning selected elements. You can stretch a composite-object. You can align elements and composite-objects on a horizontal or vertical axis. A gradual action, with precise control over positioning. See the User Manual for details, and the "eveintro.eve" tutorial.


Another significant new feature. Polygons and polylines can now have up to 42 points (vertices) and points can be inserted and deleted. This greatly enhances their usability. Polys created prior to v2.10 are stuck with 14 points.


When inserting or deleting points of Bezier polyline, there must be three points inserted or deleted, not just one. This is because there are two control-points for each vertice. Code modified to handle this better than before.


Peter Hudson had a problem with EVE crashing -- he sent me his diagram -- Peter has done something quite creative with the multiple-rings feature of ellipses, that confuses EVE. The ellipse properties box has a "Ring gap:" edit-box, that I have now constrained to only accept positive values -- that is, additional rings can only be outside (bigger than) the original.


The "About..." boxes have buttons that link to the EVE website, also the WWW-icon can open a website. However, the mechanism wasn't working for some versions of Windows (NT, 2000) that aren't distributed with the "start.exe" program. Fixed.


A couple of people had reported sometimes getting error 207 when opening a file. This means that the file failed EVE's integrity-check. However, I found that the database-size variable was being set incorrectly, causing the error message, when in fact the database was ok. If you get this with a file created by an earlier version, save the file and open it again -- it should then be ok.


For EVE Web Edition, I have implemented "Import SVG...", however it is to be taken as "pre-alpha". I can't guarantee at this stage that imported graphics will look anything like what they're supposed to!


I've added "Control/Flip selected elements horizontally" and "Control/Flip selected elements vertically".


Bug in v2.18. When flip selected elements, afterward a rectangle is drawn around the selected elements, however the resize-handles don't work -- crashes if try to use them. Fixed. Can now happily flip and resize.


I've implemented "keep x/y proportions" when resizing. When dragging a resize handle, hold down the SHIFT key. Also, BACKSPACE key is an elementary undo, undoing the resizing. Also, a message is displayed in the menu-bar about these uses of SHIFT and BACKSPACE.


Standard EVE

EVE Web Edition


I've added "Control/Rotate selected elements 90 degrees".


Flipping was in some cases not flipping text correctly -- wrong placement. Fixed. Flip and rotate should now handle text correctly for all rendering angles.


If a polygon/line was "boss" of a multi-element composite-object, there was a problem with an initial small jump when the object was dragged. Finally I've fixed this.


An improvement to the user interface. Now, whenever a new element is being placed (such as a line-end) or an existing line-end is being dragged, if over a polygon/line, the latter's points will show. This makes it much easier to see how elements will snap-to a poly.


Text rotation was not exporting correctly to SVG. Fixed.

Windows Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) exporting is working very well now. See User Manual.


When text labels were exported to SVG, the < > & " characters were not converted to the XML format, henced messed up the SVG file. Now they are converted to &lt; &gt; &amp; &quot; respectively. Hard spaces are also converted to &nbsp; however the Adobe SVG viewer ignores them and always puts one space only.


Lots of people have asked me for this, but I have procrastinated, until now. Sticky lines are nice, but what if you just want, say, dimensioning lines, and you don't want the ends to try and stick to other elements? Now the Elements menu has the "un-sticky line"! Any line can be made sticky or unsticky by a checkbox in the properties box.

Someone asked me about modifying the header section of generated SVG files. You can now have a custom header section, that is saved in "eve.ini". See EVEWE User Manual.
A bug fix. When resizing a group of elements, if an element shrunk to zero width or height, a crash. Now, ellipses and rectangles can be shrunk to no less than 2 units wide or high.


Standard EVE

EVE Web Edition

2.30 Label elements were limited to 255 characters. I have now made this unlimited, although a maximum of 65,535 characters can display on-screen.
2.31 The "Control/EVE preferences" box now has entries for an external editor for the text-file icon (default Wordpad) and an external editor for the label element (default Notepad). Previously only one external editor could be specified.
Fixed duplication of selected elements so properly duplicates long labels (unlimited length). Note export to SVG still only exports labels up to 255 characters (beyond that ignored).