Hi, if you take the trouble reading through this very long list describing each version, you'll see that I am very responsive to user feedback. Let me know, I'm only an email away, and I want to know what you think of EVE and what, if anything, you think that EVE needs to be that little bit better!
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Standard EVE

EVE Web Edition

A major new feature. Now label elements can have HTML markup tags. Standard HTML can be pasted into a label properties box and will display with appropriate attributes on the screen. This is now documented in the User Manual and I have put an example into the "eveintro.eve" tutorial diagram.
Let me know if you would like support for other markup tags or any problems.
Yet another huge step forward. HTML labels now support right, center alignment and full justification of paragraphs. Tag format "<p align="justify">".
I fixed a bug, EVE crashed sometime when displaying HTML labels.
I have modified the placement of HTML label text relative to their handle, so they are the same as plain text labels. I apologise to people who have already started using HTML labels, but this is a necessary correction.
I have refined right alignment and full justification so that text aligns on the right margin somewhat nicer.
2.63 I have fixed rotation of HTML labels. If you rotate a group of elements containing a HTML label, the label now stays exactly in place relative to the other elements.
2.66 When export a text label to SVG, if rotated, the image boundaries were not being properly calculated, sometimes resulting in part of the label being chopped off. Fixed.
A massive new feature -- HTML labels can now export to SVG. As they display in EVE, so to they will display in an SVG graphic. See the EVEWE User Manual.
The animation activator element now supports mouse-over and color flashing. This is great for things like clickable maps, where a locality can animate or flash or show text if the mouse passes over it.
2.78 Major overhaul of link management! Instead of having "links" inside the icon, the icon is now simply a vehicle for a picture, and there is a separate "link activator". This is actually quite simple when you see it, and there is backwards compatibility with earlier diagrams. The immediate advantage is that any element can have a link activator attached, so can be a "hot spot". Same with animation activators. You could for example have an ellipse that flashes on mouseover, and opens a web page when clicked on -- the possibilities are now wide open!
"Control/EVE preferences..." now has a checkbox to make single-click equivalent to double-click.
Now, in properties box of a child element, the owner vertice # is shown if attached to a polygon/line.
Delete key now works on selected groups.
2.81 Options added to the animation activator for more control over color and visibility changes.
For mouseover an animated element, cursor can change to a pointing hand. I fixed a bug introduced in v2.80; keys other than delete were deleting selected groups of elements. I've made a nice clickable map example.
I fixed an annoying flicker during mouseover animation. Improved documentation on animation in the User Manual.
For animation triggered by a mouseover, I have modified the code so that the animated element or elements always end up back at "home" position after the mouse is moved off. previously, I had them stopping immediately the mouse goes off.
For the Web Edition I have brought the SVG export mostly up-to-date with the features introduced from versions 2.75 to 2.83. The EVEWE User Manual also updated.
I have refined the mouseover scope and finger-pointer cursor when exported to SVG. Documented in the EVE WE User Manual.
2.89 The WWW link activator starts the default web browser, however EVE preferences now has the option of specifying an alternative browser. I was motivated to introduce this as I want a choice for my future plan to have SVG previewing.
The EVE preferences dialog box now has "Find" buttons to make it easy to locate external text editors and browser.
2.93 I've been a busy boy! Various little tidy ups, but the main thing is editing of bitmaps. Previously, once a BMP/GIF/JPG picture had been imported, that was it. It's display size could be adjusted, or it could be deleted. Now, the picture icon dialog box has a button for opening an external paint application (or just double click on the picture), so the picture can be edited while inside the EVE database.
In element dialog boxes, all fill, pen and font colors now display as separate editable red, green, and blue components.
Link activator can now open another EVE diagram.
EVE has grown to 65K bytes -- compare with version 0.99 which weighed in at only 39K!
I have finally got around to implementing "partial ellipses". These are pie, chord, and arc shapes. The standard ellipse element can be toggled between any of these.
2.99 I have overhauled the error reporting. There was some criticism that for some errors, EVE just displayed an error number, and the description had to be looked-up in the online User Manual. Now, all error descriptions are inside EVE.
Also, I have "talkback enabled" EVE, so that if an error occurs you can email me a report just by pressing a button.
WinXP BUG FIX! There was a crisis when users reported that EVE v2.92 onwards crashed on "File/Open...", but only on some XP and 2000 systems. EVE ran fine on my own XP system. This is the most elusive bug, took weeks to eliminate, and appears to be a bug in Windows 2000/XP itself. I would like to most profusely thank all you guys who helped with testing. This is not a complete list, but thanks go out to Alastair Smeaton, Stephen Newlyn, Dave Odell, Michael Cook, Joey Wong, Melchior Prisi, Kristo Kristatos, and most especially Erich Hegenberger.
"EVE preferences" now has a checkbox to save a .EVE file uncompressed. This may make it easier for a programmer who wants to import an EVE data file into some other graphics app.
There has been a problem that when opening some small .EVE data files, EVE reports that they fail EVE's integrity check. However, they are okay, despite this error message. Anyway, I think that I've tracked this one down and fixed it.
A small thing maybe, but the settings for external editors and alternative browser are now not saved in the database, only in "eve.ini".
This is for the EVEWE users. EVE Web Edition now supports export of partial ellipses, that is, pie, chord and arc, to SVG.
Something small, but important. Previously, there was an inconsistency between selecting and dragging polygons/polylines compared with other solid elements, namely ellipses and rectangles. A polygon was only selectable on its vertices, whereas the others were selectable inside. In practise, this was a very annoying inconsistency. If you look at anything constructed with polygons, such as the flowchart and logic-gate symbols, you will see that they can now be selected and dragged by clicking anywhere inside them. Polygon vertices can still be individually manipulated. The polygon properties box has a checkbox "Selectable only on vertices" if you definitely require that behaviour, and polygons created in earlier diagrams will have that checkbox ticked.
If you play with the logic-gate symbols in the "eveintro.eve" file, you'll see the improvement in ease of selection.
3.04 The link activator now has the "go to" option. Clicking on a link can scroll the diagram and place specified coordinates in the centre of the window.
For labels and sticky lines, I found it to be disconcerting if their handles display when they are part of a composite-object, ie, locked to some other element. Now the default is their handles won't display when locked.
Thanks to Richard Reid and Michele Ancis, who have been creating library objects for the Elements menu. They discovered a bug. When a composite-object is to be placed into the Elements menu, it is first selected, and this can be done two ways: by simply clicking once anywhere on it, or by drawing a selection-rectangle around it. The latter method has been found to be buggy. Now fixed.
I have refined the behaviour of locked labels. If a label is a member of a composite-object, of which the boss is locked and the label has its "don't display handle if locked" checkbox ticked (default for new labels), then the label won't respond to a right-click. Otherwise, a locked label can have its text edited on a right-click. This is further distinguishing between text in a comp-obj that is fixed or editable.
For EVEWE, Dave Topham discovered a bug with exporting plain-text multiline labels to SVG -- a crash if the label contained a blank line. Fixed.
3.07 I have a added "Select all" to the menu, to make it real easy to select a large diagram.
3.09 The animation activator has taken a big leap forward! "Mouse-click" is now an event to trigger an animation, the animation path may be one-way (no return), plus it is now possible to construct sophisticated composite-objects that will animate differently depending on what part of the object is triggered by a mouse event. I'll document this and design some examples.
3.10 When using arrow keys to scroll, you can now have simultaneous vertical and horizontal scrolling by pressing two arrow keys at once.
The "goto" option of the link activator now supports x/y relative shift (from current position) and a time duration for scrolling (to give a nice panning effect).
3.11 For goto link, fixed a rounding off error when time duration non-0. As each step when scrolling has a rounding off error, the final step corrects for the error. Also, the goto link destination coordinate was not correct for zoom factors other than normal: fixed.
3.12 For export to SVG of the animation activator, I have refined so that it works more closely as in EVE. The mouse hand cursor and activation of event now match closely.
Mouse-click trigger event now implemented for animation activator.
Goto link activator now exports to SVG, and a new menu item "File/Export as SVG..." to implement a floating viewBox in an SVG graphic.
I have refined export of animation to SVG. Tidied up code here and there.
"Control/Select all elements" had a bug -- fixed.
"File/Selected elements save as..." previously only allowed to save to a new filename -- if you tried to save to an existing file, it gave an error message! Fixed, indeed EVE now doesn't even bother to ask that you want to confirm overwrite of an existing file.
"File/Selected elements save as..." previously didn't save any bitmap pictures, the picture icon got saved without its associated picture -- fixed.
For "File/Selected elements save as..." I also discovered a bug that could cause a database integrity error in the saved file (record #0 got overwritten -- if you have a diagram in this predicament, no problemo as EVE will now automatically heal it) -- bug fixed.
3.16 The animation activator now has three mouse events: mouse-over, mouse-click, and mouse-on. The animation will retrigger repeatedly for mouse-over, whereas mouse-on triggers the animation once and the mouse pointer will have to go off then on again to retrigger. This is a useful refinement, and important distinction for export to SVG code.
3.19 All elements now have an "Invisible" checkbox.
Visibility animation has been improved. Previously only worked for labels, now for any locked child element.
A lot of work, but it's now done. EVE WE now exports color and visibility animation to SVG. See the latest EVE WE online User Manual.
When placing new polygons, they sometimes "jump" way off if the left button is pressed, then drag then release. I have fixed this.
Animation export to SVG still had bugs. Color flashing wasn't working right, got upset by other code changes at v3.18 I think. Fixed.
There is still a stability issue with EVE on some Win2000/XP systems. A few bug reports are coming in -- thanks for the feedback guys! -- and unfortunately the crashes are mostly occurring outside EVE, in the Win32 API functions -- that is, in the Windows operating system, not in EVE herself. With this version I have added a massive 2K bytes of extra code, bringing EVE.EXE up to 70K, to track which API call is the culprit. In case you are interested, I have documented the content of the "Subject" line of the error "talkback" email in the User Manual -- the "error code" in this line will identify the API function, hopefully giving me the clue I need to resolve the issue.
3.25 Have partially implemented realtime SVG generation. While working on it, discovered a bug that crept in with v3.16 -- cannot select a custom font. Fixed.
Fantastic news for EVE Web Edition users. We now have realtime display of generated SVG code, while you work on the diagram. Also you can insert custom SVG code. You must read the updated online EVE WE User Manual for a description of this exciting new feature. The URL is http://www.goosee.com/evemanual/evewemanual.htm.
EVE data files are now saved with LZP compression. EVE still opens uncompressed files and files with the original compression technique. EVE can also save uncompressed. LZP gives a smaller file -- "eveintro.eve" at 56,430 bytes became 43,359 (158,848 uncompressed), and a 640 byte file became 317 bytes.
I have also tidied up the code for the menu selections "Import diagram..." and "Import template...", as previously couldn't import uncompressed .EVE files. Now handles uncompressed, the "old" compressed format, and the new LZP format.
I've also been steadily working on solving the stability issue on Win2000/XP systems, since v3.00, and we're getting there....
3.31 Roland Hager requested this one. Now, the size of handles can be set in "EVE preferences...". The radius is specified in pixels, so that the size of the handle will be approximately constant for any-zoomed-in-factor up to zoomed-out-by-1.
When a polygon or polyline is highlighted, vertice handles now display with the vertice numbers alongside. This is a great aid to vertice management in the poly properties box.
Had to rush out this bug fix. All that messing around with handles caused a problem. When print or copy to clipboard, the handles on lines stayed visible. Handles are supposed to disappear when there is any kind of output. I did test output to EMF before, which worked, so assumed o/p to printer and clipboard would also be ok -- but, that's Murphy's Law for you!
I also discovered another bug -- when choose "File/Print", if the diag has any animation activators, the ok/cancel messagebox doesn't display, but still responds to enter/cancel keys, so printing still works -- mighty peculiar and I'll investigate asap.
Found the cause of printing bug. Fixed.
I've fixed an annoying cosmetic problem, that has been there in all versions. When you drag an element or elements or just a handle to the edge of the window, the diagram automatically scrolls, however wipeout of the dragged element is not so good and pieces of it stay behind on the screen. Purely a cosmetic issue, but it made EVE look unprofessional. Fixed.
How come I took so long to do this? When drag a line-end, had the same cosmetic problem, particularly when the line-end suddenly snapped to a poly vertice. Fixed.
3.36 Users have complained about being unable to import large graphic files. I have fixed this, but after study of Microsoft docs have to caution that on Win 9x systems a practical limit of EVE datafiles is about 5M. I imported large graphic files and pushed the saved data file up to 8M on a Win95 system, but there was a marked slow-down.
"File/Export as embedded..." was not working for the new LZP format. Fixed.
For the EVE Web Edition, I have fixed the exporting of partial ellipses, that is, pie, chord and arc, so that they display in an SVG graphic exactly as they look in EVE.
"Color morphing" is now added, for ellipses (including pie, chord and arc), rectangles (including rounded) and picture icons. This allows 3-D border effects and side-lighting effects. NOT YET exporting to SVG. See this GIF snapshot: colormorphing.gif.
I'm continuing to improve the user interface. Someone recently commented that when dragging raster pictures, they flicker. This does not happen when scrolling the diagram, just when dragging them individually. So, I've looked into it and now they don't flicker.
Another little thing that Jorgen Carlsen asked me to do ages ago -- when elements are dragged on a page grid, the grid lines can be slow to redraw, so get temporarily wiped as the element gets dragged. Now, grid lines redraw immediately.
Bug fix: v3.41 introduced a bug with dragging a handle of a partial ellipse. Fixed.
There was this annoying problem because it only happens sometimes -- when you pull down a menu then move to next pull-down menu, the underlying diagram doesn't repaint. It you select an item from the menu or don't select anything (by clicking elsewhere), the diagram sometimes didn't repaint and there was a big hole where the menu had been. This reapinting is supposed to be done by Windows itself. Hunting through endless MS docs didn't help, but I just discovered (this info is for fellow MS Win32 programmers...) that if when EVE receives the WM_MENUSELECT message I then repaint the diagram, she works -- this message is also received if no menu selection is made, which is exactly what I needed.
Anyway, I have partially fixed the problem by detecting when no selection is made and repaint the diagram, which was the worst situation. The are still some minor holes left when moving from one pull-down menu to the next, but I'm not rushing to fix that one just yet.
The problem may just be on Win95, my main test bed.
3.44 Now the Elements menu has little pictures of each shape. I didn't do this before because I thought it would increase the size of EVE too much, but I found a way to do it with minimal size increase.
Now composite-objects, that is, custom shapes, added to the Elements menu can have their own bitmap pictures in the menu. This is great for a quick visual cue alongside the textual title of each menu item. This gives a very professional polish to EVE.
See "flowchartsymbols.eve", now bundled with the download zip file.
I have made a change to allow color BMP images to be loaded into the Elements menu. V3.46 only allowed mono bitmaps. So, please use this version to upload custom bitmaps into the Elements menu.
I have fixed a problem with the "home folder". The "home folder" is supposed to be the same as the ".eve" file currently open, but it wasn't getting set properly.
3.48 Color morphing and 3D border effects now export to SVG.
Back in v3.42 I fixed flickering of pictures when dragged, however this is causing a wipeout problem (bits of picture getting left behind on the screen) when dragging GIFs with a transparent color. For now, I've taken the code back to pre-v3.42. The flicker is minor anyway, only noticeable when dragging large pictures individually.
For EVE Web Edition, there was a bug with the goto link. The diagram scrolls to destination coords, but there was a weird zoom effect during transition. Fixed.
The label and picture icon properties panel (dialog box) previously only displayed the text in the edit-box in the default Windows font. Now the font is displayed correctly in the edit-box. You can also play with any settings in the properties panel and they simultaneously update on the diagram. Pressing "Cancel" button will restore the original settings. This is extremely useful, except that you need a high resolution screen to be able to drag the properties panel aside so that you can simultaneously see the label on the diagram -- maybe I need to go for tabbed panels to get them smaller?
"Control/EVE preferences..." now has a single checkbox to make a diagram totally read-only. This removes handles, prevents element selection, dragging, etc., also disables the Elements menu plus items in the other menus. Also, it's a one-way street -- once made read-only, a user can't change a diagram back to being editable -- only EVEWE can do that.
Version Standard EVE EVE Web Edition
Due to popular demand, I have reinstated the "Hide handles" checkbox in "EVE preferences" window. This allows you to hid and unhide the handles. Note, the "Disable editing" checkbox also hides the handles, but it prevents any editing and is one-way (meaning that you can't turn editing back on, unless you have EVEWE).
3.55 When export to EMF, if you choose to overwrite an existing file, now asks if that is okay.
For export to EMF, I have improved the memory management code, to minimise a potential instability problem with very large data files. This instability is actually in the Win32 API.
Sometimes when exporting to EMF, EVE crashed. For example, open the eveintro.eve file, choose "Select all" then "Export selected elements to EMF" and EVE crashed. Fixed.

May 2004: EVE Web Edition is now free. See page www.goosee.com/evewe

COMING SOON: The most-requested new feature is "undo", so I have finally decided to do it. Working on it right now...

Download older versions of EVE (executable only): eve336.zip, eve354.zip.
...the main reason for providing these is for testing purposes. If the latest version misbehaves on your PC, you can help me by testing an earlier version. It sometimes happens that a new feature causes "collateral damage" (to use a military term), that is, causes something else in the program to misbehave. Furthermore, problems may only surface on certain versions of Windows, especially NT.


  1. This is a restriction rather than a bug -- the multiple-element resize/stretch tools under the "Control" menu don't work quite right for polygons/polylines with greater than 14 points (Align/flip/rotate are ok). I intend to fix this soon.
  2. Mouse-click activation of animation is not quite perfect. It is possible to click on an element and it becomes highlighted instead of animating. I know the cause of this and intend to fix it soon.
  3. The sound link activator may need some attention. I had it set to play the sound file in a continuous loop, then recently changed it to play once. However, on subsequent activations, the element has to be clicked on twice to restart the sound. This is the way the Windows sound playing function works, and I'll have to investigate how to get around it.
  4. For EVE Web Edition, the "SVG configuration" dialog box sometimes previews the final graphic dimensions slightly differently than actually generated in the SVG file. Text labels are causing this. This is not serious, just an annoyance.

Wish list

  1. Automatic registration of .EVE filename extension with Windows?
  2. Maybe some limited printer configurability from within EVE?
  3. Keyboard shortcuts?
  4. Import a text file, just like can now do with bitmaps (already implemented, but currently accesses external files only).
  5. Copy selected elements to clipboard as bitmap.
  6. Import from SVG -- more features required.
  7. Recognise more markup tags in HTML labels.
  8. More options for animator element, such as follow a path, fade out, chain to other activators, etc.
  9. Import WMF/EMF?
  10. Maybe conventional clipboard copy/cut/paste of selected elements?
  11. Dashed lines can only be 1-pixel thick, regardless of zoom factor. This is a limitation of the Win9x Win32 API. Maybe devise some way around this limitation?
  12. Opacity control?
  13. Thumbnail previews of pictures in the picture library, inside the picture icon properties box, to make selection of a picture more streamlined.
  14. Improve Link Activator function GOTO: new... GOTO Element number, this means to take user immediately after mouse click to destination of given numbered element. Quick navigation in big area. Options: display element in monitor center or coordinates, ...
  15. Set Element Coords: User can Set exactly coordinates for each element. Good function to help user with exactly placing of elements. Maybe make the coord-locator which can be used by right-click and copy actual coordinates to clipboard for next use in element parameters dialog.
  16. When resizing a ellipse or rectangle by dragging a handle, have constraint to maintain proprtions. Note, already have this for "Control/Resize selected elements".
  17. More vertices for sticky/unsticky lines (arrowheads on end of polylines?).
  18. Currently, link activator will open a WAV sound file, but not MP3 (but MP3 does work when export to SVG). Need to get MP3 working in EVE.
  19. Rotate elements by one degree increments, instead of only 90 degrees. Maybe polygon first?
  20. Parallelogram element.