Solar power testing 2016

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I did some testing of solar panels and battery-banks, to charge smartphones and other USB-chargeable devices, back in 2014:

I have started another round of tests, this time focusing on ultra-light traveling, using a very small panel charging my smartphone directly, no intermediate battery-bank.

It's a work-in-progress, but good result so far:

I have posted about this to an Australian bushwalking forum:

New owner for

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Back in late 2013 I stepped back from leadership of the Puppy Linux project, after over ten years. See blog posts:

I did keep my hand-in with development of Quirky, a fork of Puppy Linux. Currently, I am not sure if I will do anything further with Quirky.

I kept ownership of the domain names and

Until now. Ownership of has been transferred to Michael Amadio, a guy who has proven his worth as a committed long-term developer of Puppy, and a good coordinator.

Mick has now pointed to a new site:

You can still access my old site, archived here:

Mick also has control of the domain name registrar for Currently it points to a site created by Raffy.

So, that's it! Best wishes to all you guys carrying the Puppy flag forward. I intend to pop into the forum sometimes.

And maybe, just maybe, I see a possibility of playing with "puppy-fying" Ubuntu Touch. But, that is only a vague maybe.

Hiking test

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It is mid-summer here in Australia, and the weather has been pleasant. Thunder, lightning, rain early this morning, but the last few days have been mostly sunny, temperatures climbing to mid-30s.

Very nice weather for hiking, though it did get a tad warmish yesterday. I was off on the trails, of which we have many in the hills close to Perth.

January 2015 I did some hiking, but carried too much. This time I have experimented with ultra-light.

Here is a field test of my latest gear:

Lots of fun!

Mobile-friendly static HTML

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My web pages are all "old school" HTML. I have dabbled in CSS and Javascript, but mostly create web pages with simple static HTML using tables.

My web pages look fine on a desktop screen, but not so good on a mobile phone. Typically, I create a centered table with a fixed width, and all content goes inside that. Basic structure:

<head ... > ... </head>
<table align="center" width="700" ... > ... </table>

On a high resolution mobile phone screen, the table renders very small, with large blank space both sides.

However, I discovered a very simple fix. Just insert this line into the <head> section:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=700">

Remarkable, on my Android phone, my pages scale, both in portrait and landscape orientation, so that the table width fills the screen. Everything, text and images, scale correctly.

See my example page:


...though, I haven't even read most of that. Just took a punt on the "width" parameter, and it worked.

T2 supports x32_abi

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René has announced preliminary support for x32_abi in T2. He sent this email:

Hi all,
a little xmas and new year treat, maybe especially for the small binary embedded
and/or puppy folks:

I just committed some basic x86-64/x32 support glue to the t2/trunk.

X32 is x86-64 with 32-bit pointers, so still taking advantage of all the many more
general purpose registers and optimized calling convention, with less memory
and thus cache utilization (like we where running sparc32 user-land on sparc64
by default for this reason, too):

Not everything just builds yet (obviously not even upstream, e.g. no support for
valgrind or other low-level stuff yet).

This is very good news!
Awhile back, I got excited about x32, but it was a bit embarrassing as I misunderstood what it was all about.
But now, I can have a go at compiling for x32 in T2, and build a super-small and super-fast Quirky.

Note, this was my earlier, aborted, post on the topic:

Thanks for the Xmas/New-Year pressie René!

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