Indirection in a shell script

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I recently posted about a cool solution for doing sort of version numbers using busybox 'sort', when the full 'sort' (from coreutils) is not available:

Another cool solution is an implementation of variable indirection, when bash is not available. Bash has a special operator for indirection, like this: ${!PTR}.

Running in the initramfs however, there is only busybox. It does not support that "!" operator, however indirection is easy to implement, as explained here:

Back on the topic of the stability of a layered filesystem on the E200HA laptop, ever since I implemented the kernel boot parameter as described in my recent post, Easy Linux has been rock solid:

There was one screen freeze when I first tried it, since then have been running Easy many hours, booted up many times, using it now, rock solid.
Still on aufs, will do a build with overlay f.s. soon, see if that is also stable.

Changing the subject again, BluePup, my bluetooth manager, is working, but needs some TLC. When I bootup, have to use the touchpad to click on the BluePup icon, then turn on the mouse, then it gets detected and works.
Obviously, it would be better if those steps were not required.

But BluePup is one of many things languishing well-down in the to-do list!

Lenovo Yoga A12

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Ha ha, follow-on from my previous post, now running for one hour and 30 minutes.
I wonder, SeaMonkey is keeping the CPU very busy. Perhaps the freezing is some kind of "idle" problem.

Anyway, on the lookout for a replacement for the E200HA. No rush, just watching what comes along.
The new Lenovo Yoga A12 sure looks nice for a traveler:

...but, oh dear, it has the Cherry Trail SoC!

More stability issues with E200HA

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Ha ha, it has got worse. Running the new "Easy Linux" Quirky on an overlay filesystem, stability has become worse. I was getting a very occasional freeze with the full installation of Quirky, but it has become more frequent when running on an overlay f.s.

Apart from seemingly random freezing, I have been getting a degradation. I suddenly notice the degradation, such as apps not starting, even htop, and xload shows CPU usage has gone through the roof. Requires holding down the power button to shutdown.

I wondered if the overlay f.s. was to blame, so patched the 4.4.47 kernel with aufs and compiled. First time ran it with aufs, it ran for an hour, no problem. Next bootup, got the UI degradation after about half an hour.

I read on the internet that this kernel boot parameter will fix freezing on the E200HA:


Rebooted, got a freeze after only a few minutes! Still using aufs. Rebooted, now it has been running for one hour and 7 minutes. Hmmm.

Using it right now, posting from SeaMonkey.

Sorting version numbers

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I have a need to sort version numbers in the Easy Linux initramfs. The 'sort' utility in Coreutils has the "-V" option, however my initramfs only has busybox sort, which does not have that option.

I recall some years ago, trying to figure out a script to do it. Now that the need has come up again, I did a search with google, and found this:

...yes, a simple one-liner, works great.

A note on progress with Easy Linux, the next-gen Quirky. Coming along very nicely, and lots of fun. When will there be a release? ...not sure, want to get it pretty rock-solid first, even though it will be an alpha or pre-alpha. Probably early-March.

Kernel 4.4.45 compiled

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I recently compiled the 4.4.44 kernel, with namespaces and cgroups enabled (though only "devices" cgroups).

A bit more online reading and I found more configuration settings that look good when working with containers. So have now compiled the 4.4.45 kernel with these turned on.

Typing from my handwritten notes, here they are:

Device Drivers ->

[*] Support for multiple instances of devpts CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES
[*] Network device support ->
-*- Network core driver support ->
<*> Virtual ethernet pair device CONFIG_VETH

In my notes, I have written that for the multiple devpts, mount with "mount -o newinstance ..."
CONFIG_VETH supports a local ethernet tunnel.

A progress note: my "next generation" Quirky, codenamed "Easy", boots to the desktop. Details to follow.

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