June (12 Entries) »
5OE Pi2 desktop works
6Seagate 4TB desktop drive
6IUP multiplatform GUI toolkit
7BaCon imported to OE
9xdg-puppy imported to OE
10Evince imported to OE
11More packages imported to OE
14More imported, getting there
16Netpbm compiled in OpenEmbedded
21OE build underway
23oe-qky-src on github

May (34 Entries) »
1New Quirky layer in OpenEmbedded
2Bought old PC
5Quirky installed on old PC
6Big build in OE underway
7Classic OE recipes
8PCI-E USB3 interface card
10First build of Pyro64
11Forum thread to discuss OE and Pyro
13OE/Yocto Pyro released
14Ransomeware hits Windows
14Low cost NAS
15Chasing bugs in Pyro64
16Puppy Linux May newsletter
17SeaMonkey now stable in Pyro64
19Quirky Pyro64 0.2 alpha
19OE Pyro with meta-quirky
20Easy Linux returning
21wget, aaaargh!
21More xorg drivers for Pyro64
22SNS buglets fixed
22Mime handler for .tar.xz
24Ye olde Minimum Profit
27Thunderbolt3, do-everything interface
27Ah, Wary and Racy
28Desktop drive icons displaced
29Easy frugal installation
29Easy Linux 0.3 alpha released
30Pyro for i586 coming
30Building for Pi2 on OpenEmbedded
30Marvell ESPRESSOBin Board
30UDOO x86 board
30Banana Pi R2 BPI-R2 board
31Success building for Pi on OE

April (9 Entries) »
5MaruOS version 0.4
7Goodbye Ubuntu Touch
8Alpine x86_64 chrootable rootfs
10OpenEmbedded Morty
13OE native compiling
13Yocto books
18Yocto 2 woofQ 2 Quirky
23LibreOffice compiled in OE
23Part 2, LibreOffice compiled in OE

March (12 Entries) »
7Touchpad working properly on Asus E200HA
8A laptop for Linux
11exfat support in Quirky
17Website is back
17Easy Linux maybe soon
17Easy Linux 0.2 pre-alpha
18Fatdog64 build recipes
18Maybe move from Hostgator to VPS
20SeaMonkey 2.46 compiled in Pi3
21VLC fixed for Easy and Quirky
23Puppy Linux newsletter
30Links for Ubuntu for Pi2

February (5 Entries) »
4Sorting version numbers
7More stability issues with E200HA
7Lenovo Yoga A12
10Indirection in a shell script
24Things are happening

January (21 Entries) »
1The Minimum Profit editor
2SlaQ Linux x86_64 progress
5Keep on finding bugs
5Xkb Configuration Manager fixed
6a2dp-alsa for Bluetooth audio
8E200HA keyboard dead again
9ROX-Filer frozen on E200HA
9Win10 locked me out
10Partition resize was broken
12Quirky 8.1.6 x86_64 released
12Overlayfs cannot handle zram
14Xine or VLC for Xerus64
14Quirky Xerus x86_64 8.1.6 released
15Carryon computing
20Linux on E200HA notes
22Containers for Quirky
24Getting started with LXC
24Grassroots containers in Fatdog
25Easy Containers
30The murky depths of GPT
31Kernel 4.4.45 compiled

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