Easy Linux 0.2 pre-alpha

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Here it is, the very first upload of Easy Linux!

I have designated this as "pre-alpha", as in some respects it is incomplete, untested, or immature.

On the otherhand, you might find it works fine for your needs.

To get an idea of what Easy is all about, please do read my How Easy Works page:

The status of Easy is like how an artist creates a painting with broad strokes to build up the overall picture, then later uses finer brushes and more colours. Easy is at the "broad strokes" stage.

Having read the intro, if you are still interested, download from here:

There are no installation instructions yet, but there are some notes in the How Easy Works page. In Linux, you can write the file to a Flash stick or SD-card from the commandline, or use a GUI app.

A GUI app for Windows is USB Image Tool, that I wrote about here:

Etcher is another GUI image writer, for Linux, Mac and Windows (I haven't tried this):

You will need a Flash stick or SD-card of at least 2GB.

Please provide feedback on the Puppy Forum:

Easy Linux maybe soon

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I haven't mentioned it on my blog, but have been in India for six weeks, just got back a week ago. Brought diarrhea back with me, so haven't felt 100% -- test shows no parasites, so the cause is a mystery for now, but getting better.

Anyway, Easy Linux. I have been working on some new ideas, or kind of a rehash of old ideas. It has been very intermittent, but do have something. It is very interesting, so even though incomplete, will probably upload it as an alpha release. Soon.

Website is back

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Had to wrangle for a few days with my host, Hostgator. Back in November 2016, I had to disable barryk.org/blog, as there was apparently too much traffic on it. Now, barryk.org/blog2 has too much traffic, so also disabled.
These are both archived read-only blogs, with lots of good reference material about Puppy Linux. Pity they are now down.

Received an email from David, reporting that Hostgator has a new owner in 2016, and there are many reports of the service going downhill.

It is odd that my site has been there with much the same content for years, only recently is experiencing this traffic problem.

Jamesbond suggested an alternative host, might consider that.

exfat support in Quirky

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Some of the guys on the Puppy Forum have been discussing exfat support in Puppy:

And mavrothal has submitted patches to woof-CE:

Ok, exfat support is missing from Quirky, so I have also added it to the Quirky build system. Added 'exfat-utils' and 'exfat-fuse' DEB packages to the package list.
And modified these files:

/usr/local/pup_event/frontend_funcs, frontend_change, frontend_startup,

Note that /sbin/probepart did not need changing. The applets guess_fstype and blkid are part of busybox, and already support exat.

A laptop for Linux

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Finally, a laptop that is Linux-compatible and with good specs and is cheap.

It is the Litebook, described here:

It has a Intel quad-core 14nm N3150 Braswell, with integrated graphics, OK for me. Then there's 4GB RAM, ...well, you can read the link.

There are a couple of things that jumped out at me as very thoughtful, very nice:

First, the touchpad has separate physical left and right buttons -- I hate the modern touchpads that are just a single surface.

Secondly, the hybrid storage. Both a 32GB SSD and a 512GB hard drive. They are separate partitions. This is very good. The OS and installed apps sit in the SSD and the magnetic-platter hard drive is for general storage. This is a good combination.

They haven't skimped on I/O either. I see an ethernet socket, SD-card, 2x USB3, HDMI, Bluetooth, wifi. Very good.

WARNING, see comment

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