Website is back

Had to wrangle for a few days with my host, Hostgator. Back in November 2016, I had to disable, as there was apparently too much traffic on it. Now, has too much traffic, so also disabled.
These are both archived read-only blogs, with lots of good reference material about Puppy Linux. Pity they are now down.

Received an email from David, reporting that Hostgator has a new owner in 2016, and there are many reports of the service going downhill.

It is odd that my site has been there with much the same content for years, only recently is experiencing this traffic problem.

Jamesbond suggested an alternative host, might consider that.
Posted on 17 Mar 2017, 7:53 - Categories: General

Samsung Note 7

I have been thinking that sometime early in 2017 I might buy a new smartphone. I was thinking maybe will finally buy a Samsung Note. But, no, they have lost me.

It's that curved screen:

The S-Pen on a flat screen makes sense. The curved edges are just a sales gimmick, bling. Distracting and totally useless.

A Samsung fanperson is trying to say that critics of the curved screen are "just flat wrong":

...but the article does not present any justification at all to support why the edge is a good thing for the Note. Nothing at all.
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Maru OS open sourced

Maru OS is Debian Linux on a smartphone:

The good news is that the developer has decided to open source it.

It doesn't reinvent the wheel like Ubuntu Phone. It seems, this is two different operating systems running simultaneously, Android and Debian Linux.

So you can't have a Debian application running in the phone screen.

Actually, I think this is alright, in fact very good. A phone OS and a desktop OS are such different beasts, trying to dumb down the latter to work in a small touch screen, as Canonical, Microsoft and others have been doing, may not be the best way to go. Leave them separate.

Of course, there are equivalent apps for Android and Linux, so if you edit a .doc word processing file in Linux, there are apps in Android to also edit it.

What I would like to see in Maru OS is just how much sharing there is between Android and Debian Linux. Like clipboard for example. Or, send an SMS from Debian desktop.
Posted on 17 Feb 2016, 17:28 - Categories: General

New site

For a very long time, I have been with Hostgator. My account has primary domain, with addon domains,,

I wanted to change the primary domain name, as I plan to give away (and, probably to Mick Amadio (01micko).

However, it is rather complicated to do, and I need to redesign my site layout drastically. So, I decided to start a new account with Hostgator.
This time, the primary domain is

I created a .htaccess file to redirect to, as the latter is now my preferred domain name. is still pointing to the old Hostgator site. seems to be in limbo right now., and are registered with domain registrar, and I have moved, or rather attempted to move, to another registrar (

Had a lot of trouble with Netregistry, the EPP code, which is the authorisation code required to perform the transfer, turned out to be wrong, and they gave me another one.
Despite my domain being unlocked, they required me to submit an online application, which they took days to respond to, and then only when I phoned them.

Anyway, when I had the supposedly correct EPP code, the transfer to Omnis took place, with advice that it could take up to 5 days.
Posted on 2 Jan 2016, 19:21 - Categories: General

NetSurf 3.4 will have Javascript

NetSurf is a very small open-source multi-platform web browser.

It has been under development for many years, and I have liked it, except that it lacks Javascript support. This is the one thing that made it unsuitable as the primary browser in Puppy Linux, or Quirky.

However, that may be about to change:
Posted on 19 Dec 2015, 22:41 - Categories: General

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