Easy Help overhauled

In Quirky, and all pups, there is a "Help" entry in the menu, clicking on which launches the web browser and brings up a local web page, /usr/share/doc/index.html

I have overhauled the help mechanism. index.html has javascript in it, which HelpSurfer cannot handle.

index.html is now removed, and clicking "Help" in the menu runs /usr/share/doc/easy/help.sh, which launches a language-translated file 'help.htm' in HelpSurfer.
This has to work without being online, so there are translations of major languages for help.htm, in /usr/share/doc/easy.

This replaces 'welcome1stboot' and launches a translated 'welcome.htm'. Again, has to work offline.

index.html had pull-down menus to select a package, application or utility, and launch local or online help. That uses javascript, so there is now a script, /usr/sbin/doc-launcher.sh.
help.htm has a link to launch doc-launcher.

There has been a major cleanup of /usr/share/doc, old help files thrown out. Much of it is better suited to be online.
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HelpSurfer 0.3

I posted about HelpSurfer 0.2 a few days ago:

There was something else that I wanted HelpSurfer to be able to do: execute local executables.
This is not a web browser, it is a local help viewer, so I can justify doing things that would be unacceptable in a browser.
Although it is not legitimate html, HelpSurfer 0.3 supports hyperlinks to

"exec:<executable>[ <parameters>]"

For example:

<a href="exec:leafpad /usr/share/doc/home.htm">EXECUTE LEAFPAD</a>

I have a requirement for this feature.

Announced on the Puppy Forum, with source and PET links:
Posted on 7 Aug 2017, 10:21 - Categories: Linux

New welcome window

With Quirky, at first bootup, QuickSetup displays, followed by 'welcome1stboot'. The latter is a window with some introductory information, such as about the desktop icons and tray applets, and links to further help.

In woof-CE, that welcome1stboot is a web page, in Quirky it is a binary executable (written in BaCon).

For Easy, I have created /usr/share/doc/easy/welcome.htm, and this now replaces welcome1stboot.
As easy has the lovely new HelpSurfer html viewer enhanced by SFR, this is used to view welcome.htm

Technical note: welcome.htm is launched from /usr/sbin/delayedrun, which in turn is launched from /root/.xinitrc when X starts up.

I used Google Translate to create welcome_de.htm, etc.. After the user has chosen a language in QuickSetup, delayedrun will look for a matching welcome_*.htm and if exists will launch it.
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SeaMonkey heavy writes to drive

Forum member tallboy posted about this, for Firefox:

SeaMonkey does the same thing, updates the session information every 15 seconds. This is only useful in case of a crash. Setting it to 15 seconds causes Flash memory to be pounded.

tallboy posted a link, with a fix. It can also be done by editing /root/.mozilla/*/seamonkey/prefs.js, this line will set it to 30 minutes update:

user_pref("browser.sessionstore.interval", 1800000);

I reckon that I will modify my SM PET with this.
Posted on 5 Aug 2017, 19:17 - Categories: Linux

ROX-Filer Home icon

The icon bar along the top of ROX-Filer file manager has a "Home" icon. Click that, and it takes you to /root.

In Quirky and Easy, I want to differentiate between the /root and the user's preferred working home. When I click the "Home" icon, I want to go to that alternative path.

This question has been asked a few times on the Puppy Forum, for example here:

I have created a patch for the source code, 09-rox-filer-easy-home.patch. hard-coded for the home path in Easy Linux.

The source that I am using for Quirky and Easy is:

And these patches have to be applied:

09-rox-filer-easy-home.patch really should be generalized to suit any desired home, so it will work in any pup, as my todo note here:

...if anyone wants to do that, go for it!

After patching, compile:
# ./ROX-Filer/AppRun --compile

Which will create 'ROX-Filer' executable, copy that to /usr/local/apps/ROX-Filer/, or where ever ROX is in your pup, then restart X.
Posted on 5 Aug 2017, 18:36 - Categories: Linux

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