Forum thread to discuss OE and Pyro

I have started a thread on the Puppy forum to discuss OpenEmbedded and compiling for Puppy/Quirky:

I mentioned in the first post of that thread, that OE could replace Woof*. A clarification: yes theoretically, but it will require in-depth knowledge of OE and be a lot of work.
It is quite likely something that will never happen.

The compiling environment of Quirky Pyro64 0.1.1, my second build, is sane, and right now I am compiling SeaMonkey 2.48b1. That is, a native compile in a running Pyro64, not using OE.
Posted on 11 May 2017, 23:32 - Categories: Linux

First build of Pyro64

Quirky built from packages compiled in OpenEmbedded, is codenamed "Pyro64". I have just done the very first build, version 0.1, and get a desktop -- and some bugs, which is to be expected.

The file is 297MB, and it has big apps, including LibreOffice, Kodi, Gimp, Pidgin and Firefox.

Most of the bugs look fixable, but Kodi displays without any text, and after a brief google, no solution has jumped out at me.
It is a common problem, but there does not seem to be any definitive fix.

Fixing Kodi is number one on the to-do list.

What I might do is install the devx pet, and have a go at compiling the latest version.
Posted on 10 May 2017, 21:27 - Categories: Linux

PCI-E USB3 interface card

I mentioned that the motherboard of my recently-acquired second-hand PC only has USB2 sockets. For attaching my external USB3 hard drives, it is preferable to have a USB3 socket on the PC -- a couple of them work with USB2, however my 2TB drive requires a USB3 socket.

Forum member Feodor recommended to me a PCI-E USB3 card available online.

I looked around online, and found one of the cheapest is MSY, which has store outlets in major cities of Australia. It only cost AU$20, so I bought it:

Plugged it in, powered-up, it works!
Posted on 8 May 2017, 14:45 - Categories: Linux

Classic OE recipes

I have struck gold!

I want to add more packages to my "core-image-quirky" build in OpenEmbedded. For example, JWM, ROX-Filer, Minimum-Profit and Dia.

Today I discovered a treasure trove of old recipes:

I downloaded the whole lot:
# git clone git:// oe-classic --depth 1

There is a recipe in there named "mped", which is the Minimum Profit text editor (executable name is "mp").
Yes, it is old and broken. A great starting point, and I fixed it.

In OE, I have a new layer, named "meta-quirky", and new recipes such as "mped" go in here, as well as fixes for existing recipes and other configuration.
Posted on 7 May 2017, 20:15 - Categories: Linux

Big build in OE underway

The last couple of days, I have been fixing the build of some packages in OpenEmbedded. In particular, I have had to modify the build "recipes" to fit my requirements for dependencies.

Packages that are not in my build include these:
avahi, gtk+3, libpam, pulseaudio, systemd

My core-image-quirky recipe now builds a large collection of packages, including very big ones such as libreoffice, kodi and firefox.

I have just started the build from scratch, the cache deleted so that it is truly a build from scratch, and we shall see how long it takes...

Next, I plan to import the packages into woofQ and build a Quirky. I will put the big apps in, including libreoffice, kodi and firefox, as I am very interested to find out how big the resultant distro will be.

Not every binary package that you find in a typical Quirky or Puppy, is compiled in OE, but that is no problem, will use packages from elsewhere, such as April. Eventually, hope to compile everything in OE.
Posted on 6 May 2017, 19:24 - Categories: Linux

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