Wireless adaptor that works OOTB

As I have just posted, I have two USB wifi dongles that are not supported by the kernel, and need to compile third-party drivers:

For ongoing testing purposes, I need one that works, with a driver in the official Linux kernel.

So, I have just ordered this, the Panda PAU05:
It doesn't support 5GHZ, but that's OK.

I also ordered a Bluetooth dongle, again I want driver support in the official kernel:


8192cu not work on Pi   Posted on 23 Sep 2016, 9:09 by admin
Ha ha, the saga continues.

I recently purchased an Odroid XU4, and with it I also purchased a wifi adaptor:

It is supposed to "just work" in Linux, however doesn't in the Pi2. I found the reason:

Pi developers have their own Linux kernel source, some differences from the official, and in this case they have an older '8192cu' kernel module, that doesn't work.

The official source has 'rtl8192cu' that, apparently, works.
I plugged the stick into Quirky Xerus on my laptop, kernel 4.4.8, and yep, 'rtl8192cu' loaded.

Somewhat annoying.
I now have three wifi adaptors that do not "just work", not on the Pi anyway.

RT3070 chip   Posted on 17 Sep 2016, 20:02 by admin
The Panda has a RT3070 chip.

Here is information about the kernel driver, rt2800usb: