Smaller git downloads

This is a very useful bit of information. A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded a project from a git repository, and it was 5.5GB, which used up the rest of my monthly data allowance (which is only 12GB, from Virgin Mobile, 4G wireless, using the Optus network).

Now, I want to compile the Linux kernel on my Odroid XU4, and followed the instructionss here:

Which is:
# git clone git:// linux_odroid started to download, but I did a CTRL-C when I realised it is 5GB.

So, I did a bit of reading, found this:

The solution:
# git clone git:// linux_odroid --depth 1

Which is only 59MB.


memeka source works   Posted on 25 Sep 2016, 19:16 by admin
I compiled the source from memeka, using his config file, with some mods when I ran "make menuconfig".

Works, but right-off I see that no sound or wifi.

Well, the is wifi. Interface wlan0 exists, but when try to scan, reports "wlan0: Interface doesn't support scanning".

Modules 'rtl8xxxu' and 'rtl8192cu' have both loaded. The former is intended to replace the latter:

So, I experimented, blacklisting each in turn, makes no difference.

patched 4.8.y source   Posted on 25 Sep 2016, 9:00 by admin
Forum member 'memeka' on the Odroid forum, has been working on the 4.8.0rc kernel:

Repo here, and I have downloaded the zip file (169MB):

4.8.0-rc7 kernel works on XU4   Posted on 25 Sep 2016, 8:28 by admin
That was fairly easy. These were my steps:

I got exynox_defconfig out of arch/arm/configs, then:

# make exynos_defconfig
# make menuconfig
# make savedefconfig

...this creates 'defconfig'
# make -j4 bzImage modules dtbs
...get arch/arm/boot/zImage
...get arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5422_xu4.dtb
# make modules_install
...installs to /lib/firmware and /lib/modules
# make headers_install
...installs to use/include (in the kernel source tree).

It booted, got the desktop, but no wireless or sound. Hardly any modules got built, will give it another run-through.