Quirky 8.0.25 alpha for Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3

The previous builds were "pre-alpha". Build 8.0.25 is at least good enough to be classed as "alpha quality".

Get it from here:

Next on the to-do list:

1. Compile last GTK2 version of Evince (PDF viewer).
2. Refine audio configuration.

Read pre-alpha release notes here:

Feedback here:


Known bugs in 8.0.25   Posted on 4 Oct 2016, 18:31 by admin
Quirky 8.0.25 running on the Raspberry Pi2, these are bugs that I know about:

1. eth0 Internet connected, choose "disconnect from network" in tray icon, doesn't work.

2. /DEBIAN* folders shouldn't be there.

3. Menu -> Shutdown -> Exit to prompt, get blank screen.

4. Retrovol mixer crashes.