Quirky 8.1.1 for Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3

This is a minor-point update for Quirky 8.1, that was announced here:

...please read that link for the full details, including how to install.

Version 8.1.1 is available here:

8.1.1 has got smaller. The download file is 353MB, compered with 8.1 at 359MB. Just removed some dead wood.


Quirky 8.1.2 for Pi2 and Pi3   Posted on 25 Nov 2016, 7:59 by admin
Important bug fixes.


Fast mirror download 8.1.1   Posted on 9 Nov 2016, 19:24 by admin
Courtesy of NLUUG, this is a fast mirror of ibiblio:


SimpleVP bug fixes   Posted on 9 Nov 2016, 19:20 by admin
Before you use SimpleVP, the audio and video player, please download these fixed files:


Read the forum posts prior, to get an idea of what the bugs are that have been fixed.