Quirky 8.1.2 for Raspberry Pi2 and Pi3

This is a minor-point update for Quirky 8.1, that was announced here:

...please read that link for the full details, including how to install.

Version 8.1.2 is available here:

Version 8.1.2 has got smaller. The download file is 351MB, compared with 8.1 at 359MB. Just removed some dead wood.

Improvements since 8.1.1
SimpleVP (video and audio player) bug fixes and improvements.
Service Pack support. This was broken. From now on (touch wood) it should be possible to download small Service Pack PET packages to upgrade to later versions.

A further note about Service Packs. You will automatically be notified if an upgrade is available whenever you run the PPM (package manager), or you can check via the menu "Filesystem -> Quirky Version Upgrade Manager".
These Service Packs are also expected to have updated Pi kernel and firmware.

devx PET
Look in the "xerus" PET repository in the PPM, you will find 'devx-8.1.2-xerus.pet', that turns Quirky into a complete compiling environment. Everything needed, including all headers, compilers, git, svn, are in the one PET package.

Alternatively, grab it from here (200MB):

Join the discussion here:


Upgrade 8.1.2 to 8.1.3   Posted on 27 Nov 2016, 19:15 by admin
A Service Pack PET is available:


Faster download from NLUUG   Posted on 26 Nov 2016, 17:58 by admin
In Europe, this is a fast mirror of ibiblio.org, courtesy of NLUUG: