OE/Yocto Pyro released

There was a post on one of the Yocto mail lists, that Pyro, version 2.3, is released:

I have cloned it, and merged my customization layer, and started the build. This is a big build, with "the works", including Firefox, Gimp, Pidgin, Libreoffice, Kodi.

However, I have not solved the problem of no text in Kodi, so I will build Quirky with Xine. Also, Quirky will have SeaMonkey, rather than Firefox.

The plan is that once I am satisfied everything is reasonably sane, I will upload a tarball "oe-qky-src", which is OE with my customizations, so it is ready-to-go for anyone who is interested.

Also, intend to release a Quirky build. It will still have some issues, so might have to be classed as pre-alpha or alpha.


OE binary pkgs uploaded   Posted on 14 May 2017, 16:56 by admin
These are the binary packages compiled in OE, 522 of them:


These are complete packages, not split. So that "522" is a real number.

There are a dozen or so that I still have to port into OE.

Any Woof* can access this package repository and build a Quirky/Puppy.