Low cost NAS

Isn't this interesting:

I am a retired gentleman, really don't need a thing like this. It would be cool though.


Better NAS choices   Posted on 14 May 2017, 20:52 by admin
The full kit with 2GB RAM costs AU$305 including postage.
No, too expensive.

The NAS market is very crowded. For that money, I could just go to a local computer store and buy something, like this:

NAS could be useful   Posted on 14 May 2017, 18:38 by admin
My current setup is rather messy. I have four USB hard drives, a workhorse laptop with internal 1T HDD, and a recently acquired desktop midi-tower PC with 1TB HDD.

I have no organised system for software management. Just copy stuff from one drive to another. Currently, the desktop PC has the latest files.

I guess that the NAS makes sense. I could setup a RAID and the latest files will always be on the server.

Do you have experience with a NAS at home? Useful or not? If you want to comment, you are welcome, post to the forum thread that I am currently monitoring:

I noticed that they are thinking of a stretch goal of a case for 4x 2.5 inch drives.