Intermittent hang at bootup

There is a very old bug, the PC hanging at bootup. Puppy Forum member ETP reported it. I looked at the code where the hang occurs. It only happens occasionally, well rarely, for me, so I have ignored it. But, ETP is getting it more frequently. It seems to be hardware related, and I have implemented what is probably a fix.

My response to ETP is here:

hdparm man page:

I see that woof-CE still has that line with "hdparm" (line 761), so maybe they should consider removing it also:


Pause at bootup   Posted on 7 Jul 2017, 18:10 by admin
We have also sometimes been getting a pause at that point in the bootup (where it outputs "Recognising media devices... optical").
Only on some hardware.

Again, it is likely to be due to that execution of "hdparm".