JWMDesk 2.3

Forum member radky has created JWMDesk, a very comprehensive GUI desktop manager, for configuring JWM and many other things:

It overlaps configuration tools already in Quirky, however has the advantage of being an integrated manager.

So, I have decided to give it a go in Quirky. The latest version is 2.3, and I have created a PET named 'JWMDesk-2.3-1.pet'. The "-1" is because I have made a couple of changes -- I removed the 'pinstall.sh' file, and created /usr/local/jwmdesk/window_width with "510" in it.

The problem with pinstall.sh is that it has absolute paths in it, so not suitable for woof* builder. Also, I scanned through it, and I couldn't see anything that is really required. Admittedly, my look was brief, but a quick check (also brief), it seems to work without having run pinstall.sh.

JWMDesk will be in the next Quirky.


JWMDesk 2.4   Posted on 17 Jul 2017, 18:02 by admin
Have bumped to version 2.4.