Mele PCG35 Apo mini-PC

If I was on the lookout to buy a mini-PC right now, this one would rate near the top of the list:

The Aussie Dollar is riding high right now, one Dollar buys 80 US cents. Let's see, US$179 is AU$225.

The chap at cnx-software has looked at it:

Apparently there is an "Ubuntu edition" in the works.


Mele PCG35 price down again   Posted on 4 Aug 2017, 15:27 by admin
I told "cnxsoft", the chap who runs, about this price-hike, and he replied that Mele put the price up and down, often on weekends they bring the price down again.

So, I sent a message to Mele, via the Aliexpress message board, asking if I can buy it at the lower price. Hey, they just about immediately lowered it again, and replied to me that I can buy it at the lower price.

Sometimes, it pays to ask!

Mele PCG35 price hike   Posted on 3 Aug 2017, 15:25 by admin
Well, it was US$179 this morning. This afternoon it is US$225.