HelpSurfer 0.2

HelpSurfer is at version 0.2.

Forum member SFR posted a patch for Surfer, see my blog post yesterday:

Hey, it is like I am a little kid again, on Christmas morning!
I put in another request, for a "Quit" icon in Surfer, and SFR posted another patch:

Here is the latest source, with both patches applied:

And a 64-bit PET, compiled in Easy (built with Ubuntu 16.04.2 Xenial Xerus DEBs):

Yes, Easy, I am excited like a little kid about that too, 'coz it is coming along very well. For those who don't know, Easy is the "next generation" after Quirky Linux.


Running HelpSurfer   Posted on 3 Aug 2017, 8:40 by admin
One little detail, if you want to try HelpSurfer.

There is no menu entry, as it is a utility app that is intended to be invoked by other apps. If you want to try it, it requires the full path on the commandline, a relative path won't work.

For example:

# surfer /usr/share/doc/home.htm

The PET has dependencies:
gnet, libSystem, libgtkhtml
You can find them here:

...but your pup might already have them