HelpSurfer 0.3

I posted about HelpSurfer 0.2 a few days ago:

There was something else that I wanted HelpSurfer to be able to do: execute local executables.
This is not a web browser, it is a local help viewer, so I can justify doing things that would be unacceptable in a browser.
Although it is not legitimate html, HelpSurfer 0.3 supports hyperlinks to

"exec:<executable>[ <parameters>]"

For example:

<a href="exec:leafpad /usr/share/doc/home.htm">EXECUTE LEAFPAD</a>

I have a requirement for this feature.

Announced on the Puppy Forum, with source and PET links:


helpSurfer 0.5   Posted on 8 Aug 2017, 9:54 by admin
Now up to version 0.5.

Local hyperlinks with an absolute path did not work.

Took out "Refresh", "Stop" and "Home" buttons, not needed for a local help viewer.

The "Home" button, actually, was awkward, due to language translation. But it is not needed.