Old blogs archived

I had two old blogs, set to read-only, at barryk.org/blog and barryk.org/blog2, however, had to remove them as my host hostgator.com complained of too much traffic.

I was meaning to convert them to static HTML pages, and finally have done it. Found a great tool for the job, Httrack. It has a browser interface, by running "webhttrack".

I re-enabled the online blogs and used webhttrack to download one of them. Oh, it downloaded heaps of files from other sites, mostly linked images.
After some online searching, found the trick to restrain download to only inside the blog.

There are "Scan Rules". Delete them, replace with:
-* +*arryk.org/blog/* -*/?delete=*

The "-*" removes everything, then "+*arryk.org/blog/*" will restrain downloads to have that text in the URL.

Httrack follows every link that it can find on the blog, which takes a very long time. I did not see the point of it following the Delete button, so added that fine filter item.

The old blogs are now here:

This blog, barryk.org/news, is also there, converted to static pages, as I am planning to move to a new blog script (and website) in the next day or two.

Another item of news: bkhome.org is now on a new host, omnis.com

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